HGTV Will Air Entire New Season of Hit Show in Just 6 Days

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Getty A neighborhood in Celebration, Florida

The first few days of 2023 are guaranteed to be pretty ugly for HGTV viewers. The network just announced that the entire new season of its hit show, “Ugliest House in America” hosted by comedian Retta, will air in totality during the first six days of the new year. Here’s the full scoop…

Retta’s Ready to Find Another Ugly House to Receive Makeover from Alison Victoria


HGTVRetta poses in the red bathroom at the Bowling Ally House in Colorado, as seen on season 3 of HGTV’s “Ugliest House In America.”

On “Ugliest House in America,” show host Retta, an actor and comedian who’s also appeared in series like NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” and “Good Girls,” travels across the United States visiting homes nominated by their owners for being among the most hideous homes in the country. Retta provides funny commentary as she tours each home, judging them on three criteria: ugly appearance, poor functionality, and surprising design choices. The worst of the bunch receives a $150,000 renovation designed by “Windy City Rehab” host Alison Victoria.

In an unconventional scheduling move, HGTV has announced the third season of “Ugliest House in America” will air nightly from Sunday, January 1 through January 5 at 8 pm Eastern, with an hourlong season finale airing on Friday, January 6 at 9 pm Eastern. The network did not explain its reasoning for the compacted schedule.

Across the six episodes, Retta will visit 15 houses in five regions, viewing all kinds of wild design choices including questionable murals, wall-to-wall shag carpeting, velvet wallpaper, and shellacked wood paneling.

“We’ve all seen those magazine-worthy homes that make you feel bad about your own house,” Retta said in a statement. “This ain’t that show!”

Retta Shares Some of the Weirdest Things She’s Seen in America’s Ugliest Homes

The first two seasons of “Ugliest House in America” both aired in 2022, with the first season debuting in January, attracting 16 million viewers, according to HGTV. Shortly after its six-episode second season premiered in August, the network announced it had already ordered a third season to air in early 2023. The second season wound up drawing 11 million viewers over the summer.

Fans love seeing the fully-renovated homes that Victoria and her crew transform from beasts to beauties. During season 2, Retta toured homes in places that felt like “paradise,” including the winner’s home, located in Palm City, Florida.

Viewers may recall it was the house with very little privacy. It featured an octagonal roof, so none of the indoor walls reached the top of the ceiling, allowing sound to travel from room to room — including the bedrooms. The final reveal could be seen in an Instagram clip shared by West Landscape, which helped transform the yard of the home.

But fans also love hearing about the funny things Retta has seen along the way. For instance, when the comedian appeared on “Late Night With Seth Myers” on July 27, she said she couldn’t believe how many homes she saw had carpeting in their bathrooms.

After discussing creepy nature-inspired decor she’d seen in some homes, Myers asked, “What is the ugliest non-animal, non-snake-themed thing you’ve seen?”

“Well one of the things that makes me crazy,” Retta began, “is that I can’t get over the fact…how popular carpeting in bathrooms was. Carpeting. Not rugs. Carpeting! And not every bathroom has a fan. So I get in there and I’m like, ‘Have you checked for mold?’ And they were like, ‘No we never…’ and I was like ‘We gotta wrap it up!'”

In addition to kicking off on HGTV on January 1, 2023, the third season “Ugliest House in America” will also be available to stream on Discovery+.

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