HGTV Stars Embark on ‘Big Adventure’ in ‘Home Town Takeover’ Sneak Peek

Home Town Takeover

Heavy/HGTV Dave and Jenny Marrs team up with Ben and Erin Napier for season 2 of "Home Town Takeover."

Four HGTV stars embark on a “big adventure” in a sneak peek of “Home Town Takeover” season 2. Ben and Erin Napier have teamed up with “Fixer to Fabulous” stars Jenny and Dave Marrs to revitalize Fort Morgan, Colorado.

In the clip, the two couples get ready to announce to the crowd that they have been chosen for the makeover.

“It is going to be a huge surprise. I’m so excited. It’s like Christmas morning, we’re Santa Claus,” Jenny said while hiding behind a tree. Her husband added, “We are going to do businesses, we are going to do residences and we are going to do community spaces. It’s going to be amazing.”

The fan-favorite couples announced on Instagram they were teaming up for an all-new season of “Home Town Takeover” in July 2022. They are no strangers to small towns. The Napiers renovate houses in their community of Laurel, Mississippi on “Home Town.” In “Fixer to Fabulous,” Dave and Jenny restore historic homes in and around their town of Bentonville, Arkansas.

“It’s a really interesting town with a background in agriculture and in music and we’re going to try to find ways to like tie those threads together.” Erin said in the preview of Fort Morgan. “We feel like we’re on a different planet. We’ve never been to this part of the United States.”

Ben quipped in the video that he thought “the Rockies would have been a little more rockier.” But as Erin corrected him, “Yeah, we’re not in the Rockies, but this is going to be a really big adventure for all of us.”

The stars took the stage of main street, with an American flag draped behind them. Heading to the announcement, the four stars mused on how many people could be waiting. While Ben suggested 600 people, Erin hoped for a turnout closer to 50. They were greeted with a street full of business owners, families, students athletes and more.

“I can’t believe how many of you came to show support and pride for your town. You guys are the heartbeat of this place. Thank you for coming,” Erin said to the audience. Dave interjected, “And I am so excited to be back in my home state of Colorado.”

The four HGTV stars expressed their love and admiration for small towns before declaring, “Fort Morgan, Colorado – you’re getting a Home Town makeover.”

Fort Morgan Residents Expressed Their Excitement

The townspeople of Fort Morgan were quick to share their excitement and relief that “Home Town Takeover” had come to their hometown.

“Things like this don’t happen to people in small little towns like Fort Morgan,” one resident said in the clip.

“Just so excited to be out here today, we had a wonderful turnout,” another local explained. “Everybody in town came out to enjoy the barbeque, enjoy the time together, not knowing what was going to come of it.”

Many of the residents shared the sentiment in the clip – that Fort Morgan, Colorado had once been “bustline” but was now “drying up.” As a couple people put it, downtown was “a shell” and “on life support.”

The declining business life left local businesses worried for their future.

“When you see other little businesses around town close, it makes you wonder, you know, what’s next for us?” an ice cream shop owner explained. She and her partner explained in a confessional that their life savings had been put into their business.

They were not the only entrepreneurs feeling the financial strain.

A café owner added in the sneak peek, “When we opened this place, we had like $100 in our account. To be able to have this opportunity is everything.”

A few of the lifelong townspeople expressed their hope that this makeover would leave a better community for their children.

“Just hoping and praying that we was going to get this and it actually happened,” a man explained to Dave in the clip. “I want to leave my kids with something, something I never had.”

A Star-Studded Lineup of Expert Guests Will Help the Marrses & Napiers

The six-episode season premieres on Sunday, April 23, 2023 at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times, HGTV announced in a press release. It will also be available to stream on discovery+.

The series will follow the Napiers and Marrses as they “mobilize 10 all-star HGTV and Food Network talent to help complete 18 renovation projects across homes, local businesses and public spaces,” according to the series description. “The goal for the renovations, which range from refreshing a local bowling alley and revitalizing a public park to sprucing up the downtown business district and updating homes of local heroes, will be to amplify the town’s charm, build community pride and catapult Fort Morgan into a new era of limitless potential.”

The network announced that the star-studded lineup of expert guests include Jonathan Knight of “Farmhouse Fixer,” Molly Yeh of “Girl Meets Farm,” Ben and Cristi Dozier of “Building Roots,” Darnell Ferguson of “Superchef Grudge Match,” Carmeon Hamilton of “Reno My Rental,” Lil Jon of “Lil Jon Wants to do What?” Ty Pennington of “Rock the Block,” Jasmine Roth of “Help! I Wrecked My House” and Page Turner of “Fix My Flip.”

In its freshman outing, the “Home Town” hosts previously made over Wetumpka, Alabama. The success of the series inspired “Home Town Kickstart,” with the Napiers enlisting some of HGTV’s biggest stars to help kickstart revitalization in small towns across the country.

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