Jasmine Roth Celebrates Major Relationship Milestone

Jasmine Roth

HGTV / YouTube Jasmine Roth

HGTV star Jasmine Roth is looking back on her relationship. The “Help! I Wrecked My House” host took to social media on September 7 to celebrate her and her husband Brett Roth’s 10-year wedding anniversary with a series of new family photos featuring Jasmine, Brett, and their 3-year-old daughter Hazel.

“Let yourself fall in love, dream a dream, and know that things can be so much better than you ever imagined. ✨✨ 10 years of marriage, 18 years together, a lifetime to go. All the love today to @brettrothofficial who put a suit on to celebrate our special anniversary…ILYSM ❤️❤️” Jasmine captioned her first of three posts, which featured her husband in a grey suit and her in a flowing pink tulle dress, photographed at sunset in Crystal Cove State Park in Orange County, California.

Jasmine & Brett Roth Met in College

Jasmine shared a bit of her and Brett’s relationship origin story in another September 7 post, writing, “In 2005 I became roommates with a fun-loving, calm, ambitious, furry, adventurous, somewhat responsible, generous, guy who loved my dog. I’ve been sharing a home, my heart, and a life with him ever since. ❤️ I love sharing our story because even though it’s very unique (who marries their college roommate!?) it’s also quite simple…if you love each other – stay together.”

According to House Beautiful, the Roths attended Northeastern University, both majoring in entrepreneurship.

Fans were head over heels for Jasmine and Brett’s story, and took to her comment section to share their congratulatory messages.

“Happy Anniversary to you both! What a lovely love story! Wishing you both many more years of love & hand holding 🎊 🥂 ❤️ 🥂 🎊” one fan wrote.

“I married my roommate 😂.. there were 3 females and him. I was the last hold out lol” another user added.

“Beautifully said, beautiful pictures and a beautiful story. Happy Anniversary to you both 🥂” a third fan commented.

Jasmine also shared the biggest gift of her relationship with Brett, their daughter Hazel, who joined her parents for some photos which Jasmine featured in her third September 7 Instagram post.

“🧡 🧡 🧡 We were together for 15 years before we had our daughter and now we can’t imagine life any other way. People ask why we waited for so long and I think we honestly just weren’t ready. Becoming a parent was so much harder than I expected, but also so much better than I ever could have imagined,” Jasmine wrote.

Jasmine Roth Isn’t the Only HGTV Star Celebrating Her 10-Year Anniversary

Although they aren’t yet married, “Bargain Block” hosts and fiancés Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas also celebrated their relationship’s 10-year anniversary this year, as Bynum confirmed in a July 3 Instagram post.

Bynum and Thomas celebrated their anniversary out in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, after having met in Colorado online via Match.com. The pair began dating in 2013 and have been inseparable since, moving together to Detroit, Michigan where they now call home in 2017.

“10 years!! Can’t believe it sometimes. I can’t wait for another ten. Celebrating in our favorite place has been awesome too #mountains #happy #lovehim #tenyears” Bynum captioned his anniversary post, which featured photos and videos from the couple’s hiking excursions.

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