Baby On Board! HGTV’s Jasmine Roth Announces Pregnancy

Jasmine and Brett Roth

Heavy/HGTV/YouTube HGTV's Jasmine Roth and her husband Brett Roth, announcing their first pregnancy in 2019

After hinting on social media for several months about changes coming for her family, HGTV star Jasmine Roth revealed on May 10, 2024, that she’s expecting her second child.

The star of “Help! I Wrecked My Home” and her husband, Brett Roth, just celebrated their daughter Hazel’s fourth birthday, sharing many photos and videos of the celebration via social media. Jasmine, 39, told People they’re now “counting down the days” until Hazel has a sibling, but said being pregnant at her age is “no joke.”

Jasmine told HGTV that she loves how excited Hazel is to be a big sister, sharing, “We sat down to dinner the other night and she said, ‘Mom, has the baby been born yet?’ I have a feeling I’m going to get a lot of funny questions during this pregnancy.”

Jasmine Roth Says It Took Over a Year to Get Pregnant With Her Second Child

In a joint Instagram post with People, the Roths shared a trio of photos of them holding up sonogram images to share their happy news. Hazel, in pigtails, is seen beaming alongside her parents.

“We’re so excited to announce that our family is growing,” Jasmine told the outlet. “It’s definitely been a little different this time around, being pregnant at almost 40 is no joke.

Jasmine added that the pregnancy “was a very intentional decision for us.”

She explained, “It took over a year to get pregnant, so we’re feeling very fortunate to be on this journey, and are thrilled to soon be a family of four. Our daughter Hazel can’t wait to be a big sister. She loves babies right now and is counting down the days until she gets to meet our new little one.”

Hazel, meanwhile, was a happy surprise for the Roths, who married in 2013 but were still on the fence about having kids when they learned Jasmine was pregnant in 2019, per HGTV. When Jasmine kept feeling nauseous, someone at the red carpet party for “A Very Brady Renovation” suggested she take a pregnancy test and it was positive.

Jasmine, who was hosting “Hidden Potential” at the time, documented her pregnancy for HGTV, leading up to Hazel’s birth in April 2020.

Fans and friends flooded Jasmine’s latest pregnancy post with celebratory messages, including “100 Day Dream Home” star Brian Kleinschmidt, who wrote, “🙌 So happy for you guys!”

One fan commented, “OMGoodness I’m seriously so happy for you all . I’ve wondered but wasn’t ever going to ask. Now I’m overjoyed”

Another wrote, “Congratulations @jasminerothofficial ! Hazel is going to be the best big sister! You weren’t kidding when you said you had a new project in the works!”

Jasmine Roth Has Shared Contemplative Posts About Shifting Priorities & Impending Change

In the weeks leading up to her pregnancy announcement, Jasmine alluded to major changes coming for her family.

She revealed one of those changes on May 3, sharing their surprise decision to sell their new $2.8 million winter home in Utah, which they finished only a year prior. Avid skiers and snowboarders, the Roths lived there for the past four months, returning home to Orange County, California, in late April.

In one of her posts about the real estate listing, she hinted at more changes to come, writing, “And since I know you’re going to ask what’s next – my answer is…lots of things happening over here for the Roth’s. More to come very soon. 😉😉”

The construction maven has also posted multiple reflections on shifting priorities and simplifying her life. On April 26, she wrote, “I’ve been thinking lately about how ‘more is not always more.’ If you’re anything like me, you’re driven to build a beautiful life and it’s so easy to fall into the trap of believing that the biggest, best, nicest, and MORE of something…you get what I’m saying…is what that means.”

On April 13, she shared in another post that she was going through a phase in which her life goals were shifting.

“It’s ok for goals to change,” she wrote. “For the things you wanted (and even worked so hard to get) to not be the things you’re striving for anymore. It’s also ok to have a hard time admitting this change. To yourself and especially to others.”

“If you’re like me,” she continued, “and you wear your goals on your sleeve, it can be confusing and tough for the people who love you to see your goals change. Change is hard!”

Hours before announcing her pregnancy, Jasmine posted a photo of herself holding Hazel and wrote, “Thinking a lot about my ‘why’ lately. 💛💛”

The fourth season finale of “Help! I Wrecked My House” aired in early 2024, but HGTV has not announced yet whether a fifth season is in the works.