Jenny & Dave Marrs Begin Massive Renovation on Their Own Home

Jenny and Dave Marrs

HGTV / YouTube Jenny and Dave Marrs

HGTV stars Jenny and Dave Marrs have turned their home into a construction zone. After returning home from a brief trip to Europe, Jenny revealed in an October 1 Instagram post that the Marrs family farmhouse is currently being given the “Fixer to Fabulous” treatment, with Jenny, Dave, and their five children all chipping in.

“We’re back on this side of the pond and it’s all hands on deck in our current construction zone. We’ve lived at the farm for almost ten years and it’s finally time to tackle our main bathroom and closet AND shuffle kid rooms since they’ve outgrown their spaces once again,” Jenny wrote in her post’s caption.

The Marrses’ Home Renovation Will Be Featured on ‘Fixer to Fabulous’

Jenny revealed in her caption exactly what changes were being made. When all is said and done, she and Dave’s oldest twin sons will move into new attic bedrooms, their youngest son Luke will move into the twins’ old room, and she and Dave will move into Luke’s old bedroom. Meanwhile, daughters Sylvie and Charlotte will be getting an updated bathroom. “In summary,” Jenny wrote, “it’ll be mass chaos here this fall.”

Fans were thrilled to see the Marrs family at work on a new project, and couldn’t wait to see the result.

One user asked, “And we get to see this renovation in a new episode this fall?” to which Jenny responded, “YES! And, you’ll see me cry my eyes out during demo 🤪.” It is unclear exactly when the Marrs family renovation will air on HGTV, however, as the network previously confirmed that the season five premiere of “Fixer to Fabulous” is not projected to air on the network until 2024.

“Why don’t you move to a bigger house and a farm to make it easier since you are already busy enough with your career,” another user commented, to which Jenny responded, saying, “it’s not about what’s easy. We love this house and our farm and have built it over ten years of hard work. It’s home.”

Jenny also shared a bit of her personal philosophy about “home” in her post’s caption, writing, “I always say, your home should work for you in the season you’re in. It seems, we have entered into a new season in which my babies have all grown into big kids and teens and my heart and our home are just trying their best to keep up. 🤍”

What Were Jenny & Dave Marrs Doing in Europe?

Jenny mentioned that she and Dave had returned from across “the pond” in her home renovation post, and earlier in the week she shared snapshots from their trip to Europe with more information about their stay.

In a September 24 Instagram post, Jenny shared that she and Dave were hard at work on a renovation project in Chianti Tuscany, which they’ve been working on for many months now for their show’s upcoming spin-off mini-series “Fixer to Fabulous: Italiano”. For this leg of the renovation, she shared that Dave even packed his own tools for their journey overseas, including a video of him wheeling four large crates of tools through the airport.

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