Jenny Marrs Introduces Fans to Her New ‘Sidekick’ on Family Farm

Jenny Marrs

Heavy/HGTV/YouTube Jenny Marrs

HGTV stars Jenny and Dave Marrs‘ family farm is welcoming in a new member. Jenny shared that they took in an animal from one of their neighbors in a May 21 Instagram post.

“Our neighbor, Mr. Tommy, had a new lamb who was really needing extra nutrients because his momma’s milk supply was low. I offered to bottle feed him because I haven’t had a bottle baby in years (our very first sheep was Trixie, a bottle lamb from Mr. Tommy). And, while it’s extra work and so sad because the natural bond between mom and baby never took place, it’s also so rewarding watching an underweight, lethargic baby grow and thrive,” Jenny wrote in her post’s caption over clips of the new lamb who keeps following her around. Jenny referred to the lamb as “My new sidekick” in a caption over the video clips as well.

Fans React to the Marrs Family’s Newest Addition

Jenny previously shared photos of the new lamb to her Instagram story on May 16, writing at the time, “He doesn’t know us yet. Once he starts taking the bottle well, he’ll run right up to us,” which was proven true in her May 21 update.

“Our little Tommy now thinks I’m his momma and follows me everywhere (I may have taken him with me to carline… he just cries and cries when I leave him). This week, I thought he was ready to spend the day in the pasture while I worked but, alas, he wanted none of it and immediately tried to escape to get to me. Jack, our livestock guardian dog, casually helped him make his escape. He either didn’t want to have to lamb-sit all day OR he thought he was being super helpful. 🤷‍♀️ 😆,” Jenny wrote about the new addition.

Fans reacted to the Marrses’ newest furry friend in the comment section. “Jenny had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow, and everywhere that Jenny went the lamb was sure to go. ❤️,” one user wrote.

“Awe Jenny 🥰, that is so sweet and must melt your heart when you hear him calling for you. 🤗 🙏🏻,” another fan added.

“This is absolutely precious @jennymarrs , it made me tear up while smiling! Thanks for sharing such a sweet baby moment!!” a third user shared.

The Marrs Family Celebrated Charlotte’s 10th Birthday

The Marrs Family recently pulled out all the stops, as Jenny and Dave’s second youngest child Charlotte turned 10 years old. Leading up to the big day, the Marrses set up a “Countdown to 10” for their daughter, with Charlotte getting to look back at her previous birthdays and remember the prior years of her life.

On Charlotte’s actual birthday, May 16, Jenny shared a post with a message for her daughter, writing, “Happy 10th birthday to Charlotte! May this next year be full of joy and laughter and good, good things. You deserve nothing less, my love. 💕.”

Then, in a May 20 post, Jenny revealed that her daughter’s birthday celebration was action-packed, as Charlotte got to spend the weekend with friends at an amusement park, and was even surprised by one of her best friends who had moved away.

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