Jenny Marrs Rescues 2 Furry Friends From Freeway

Jenny Marrs

Heavy/HGTV/YouTube Jenny Marrs

HGTV’s “Fixer to Fabulous” hosts Dave and Jenny Marrs are always looking to take care of the people and animals around them. This is why it was no surprise to see Jenny take home a couple of lost dogs she found while out and about near the Marrs family farm in Bentonville, Arkansas.

“Found these adorable babies running on the highway! The kindest man stopped to help me round them up,” Jenny wrote in a May 15 Instagram story that included a photo of two shaggy dogs seated in her car’s trunk.

Jenny Marrs Almost Took the 2 Dogs In

Jenny, in another clip posted to her story, showed herself walking the two dogs on a set of leashes, writing, “Took them to see if they’re chipped. They weren’t. 💔 I said I would try to find their home and, if not, I need to talk Dave into letting me keep these babies. I love them !!”

While Jenny was getting excited about the prospect of adding two new four-legged family members to the Marrs family farm, she shared in a May 16 story post, “Update: owners and pups were reunited!!! 👏 🤍 🎉 (Admittedly, I wanted to keep these cuties if the owner wasn’t found. But we do not need two more pups especially now that we have a bottle baby lamb. I just wanted them to find their home too. I know someone was looking for them 🙌).”

The “bottle baby lamb” Jenny’s caption referred to was seen in an earlier story slide, where she confirmed the Marrses were helping their neighbor, who has a baby lamb that needed to be bottle-fed. “He doesn’t know us yet,” Jenny wrote over a video of the lamb on a leash looking tentatively at the Marrses. “Once he starts taking the bottle well, he’ll run right up to us. For now, we risk him running off so we have to keep him close for bottles every few hours.”

The Marrs Family Lost Their Dog, Dora

Jenny’s readiness to bring in two new dogs to the Marrses’ brood comes shortly after the family lost one of their beloved dogs, Dora. Jenny wrote about the loss in a May 11 Instagram post.

“I found you one month after we moved to the farm. You were in the local shelter and it had been deemed your ‘last day’… they just didn’t know it was for a different reason – you were coming home with us. I had never lived on a farm and had never had a ‘farm dog’ but we learned together, you and I,” Jenny wrote in her tribute to Dora. “You protected our family and our home and accepted and welcomed every four-legged family member we brought here. You even served as an adoptive mom for an orphaned lamb, snuggling little Trixie as she slept and patiently teaching her to take the bottle from me for food (even when she kept trying to get non-existent milk from you).”

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