Fans Help HGTV Star Jenny Marrs Search For Family’s Beloved Dog

Jenny Marrs, lost dog sign

Getty HGTV host Jenny Marrs, lost dog sign

Jenny Marrs, host of HGTV‘s “Fixer to Fabulous,” harnessed the power of social media after her family’s beloved dog Dolly — who’s made frequent appearances on the hit show — disappeared from their farm in Bentonville, Arkansas. After looking everywhere for adorable Dolly, the mom of five turned to Instagram for help — and it worked! Here’s how it all unfolded…

‘Super Sweet’ Dolly is a Beloved Member of the Marrs Family

Dolly is one of the family’s rescue pups and is nearly deaf, according to a video posted to HGTV’s Facebook page in November 2021.

Jenny’s husband and co-host, Dave Marrs, explained in the video, “She’s super, super lazy but she’s super sweet.” Jenny added that Dolly and their cat, Ellie, are best friends.

The family’s social media followers are very familiar with Dolly, who makes frequent appearances on Jenny’s Instagram. In recent weeks, she’s been seen plopped right down in front of HGTV’s production crew, taking a nap among the kids’ toys and hanging out with the sheep.

So fans were very worried when Jenny posted that Dolly had gone missing shortly after she and Dave returned from a fun New York trip with their twin boys. On October 2, 2022, Jenny uploaded a photo of Dolly to Instagram and pleaded with local followers to be on the lookout for the pup.

“Okay, I know social media can be used for good so here goes,” she wrote. “Dolly ran outside excitedly when we got home yesterday to greet us along with all the kiddos. Then, she sat down in the sunshine and took a nap. We had to leave for soccer about thirty minutes later and Dolly refused to budge. So, I figured she would be fine until we got back (she loves sleeping in the grass in the sun).”

Jenny then shared that when they returned home, Dolly was gone.

“We figured she was visiting Mr. Bob since he always has special treats for our dogs,” she wrote. “When she didn’t come home, we checked in and asked him to send her home. But, she wasn’t there. We’ve searched everywhere and asked all the neighbors but we haven’t been able to find her. We’re so worried about our girl and I’m desperately hoping someone has seen her and the power of social media will alert that person and will get Dolly home.”

Fans flooded her post with prayers and well-wishes. Someone who owns a German Shorthaired Pointer wrote, “Oh no! I hope she finds her way home soon. We have a GSP as well and know how quirky they can be…. Hopefully she’s just on an adventure.” Jenny replied to the post with several praying hands emojis.

Social Media Saves the Day — and Dolly!

Later that day, Jenny posted a photo of her two daughters — 10-year-old Sylvie and 8-year-old Charlotte — snuggling with Dolly and another one of their pups, Banana, and wrote “SHE’S HOME!!”

Jenny also added an update to her previous host about Dolly’s disappearance.

“UPDATE: SHE IS HOME,” she wrote, adding multiple celebratory emojis. “Someone saw her photo on social media and we found her!!!!!!!!!!!! She was being cared for by a sweet family overnight and we are all THRILLED TO BE REUNITED! Thank you for praying!!”

Fans were so relieved, with thousands reacting to the good news. One wrote, “I was sitting here worrying with you. I’m so sorry for your scare! Welcome home, sweet girl!”

Another commented, “Great news! Nothing like the love for our pets. So happy for you all”

The Marrs’ farm is home to lots of well-loved animals, including — at last count — 16 sheep including recent arrival Daisy, eight cows, multiple chickens, two bunnies, and a llama named Alfie. The family has also had two tough losses in 2022, with the difficult deaths of Jenny’s llama, Larry, and one of the family’s young sheep, named Sunny.