Jonathan Knight Pokes Fun at Bryan Baeumler’s Hair Loss

Bryan Baeumler and Jonathan Knight

Heavy/Getty/HGTV/Youtube Bryan Baeumler and Jonathan Knight

The competition is fierce on season four of HGTV’s renovation competition show “Rock the Block”, and the contestants aren’t pulling any punches. In week four’s “Lower Level Face-Off”, Jonathan Knight and Bryan Baeumler took turns firing shots at one another in the form of video messages.

It all began when Knight had to miss out on three days of filming to attend a pre-planned New Kids on the Block cruise, leaving his partner Kristina Crestin to execute their lower level design alone.

Bryan Baeumler Does a Jonathan Knight Impression

In Knight’s absence, Crestin and her castmates decided to make him a video message to show off how much fun they were having on set without him. Sarah Baeumler taught her fellow competitors the New Kids on the Block “Right Stuff” dance, and they did it for Knight after Crestin said “Hey Jon, I hope you’re having so much fun on the cruise, I miss you. This is so hard without you. I’m not the only one missing you though.”

After everybody showed off their dance moves, Bryan Baeumler ran into view with a short black wig on, doing an impression of Knight, and telling him, “Hey Jon! I hope you’re having fun on the cruise, things are going a little crazy here on the block, and just to let you know, we’re going to win the challenge this week, so you better get back here quick!”

Knight responded with a video of his own, with the ocean in the background, telling his friends, “Hey guys, you all look like you’re having way too much fun without me and I’m feeling a little left out. Those dance moves, I mean come on guys you nailed it. And Bryan, just remember I still have the better head of hair,” stroking his hand through his hair as he spoke.

Despite this back-and-forth, Knight and Crestin got the last laugh over the Baeumlers when their arcade bar lower level space was chosen as the winners by judges Alison Victoria and Veronica Valencia over Bryan and Sarah’s wellness space, which the judges felt was executed very well, but maybe a little too specific of a design for the market they were in. This makes Knight and Crestin the first team with two challenge wins, and the Baeumlers the only remaining team without one challenge win, however it is still anybody’s game.

Bryan Baeumler is Used to Bald Jokes

Bryan Baeumler is used to being the butt of a joke about his hair loss, many of which come directly from the HGTV star himself. Throughout the years, the “Renovation Island” star has received many comparisons to the cleaning product mascot Mr. Clean.

Bryan’s “Renovation Resort” co-host and fellow HGTV Canada star Scott McGillivray also tweeted in 2017, “Hey [Bryan Baeumler], #HappyValentinesDay! Here is my gift to you,” with a link to an article titled “5 Little-Known Benefits Of Losing Your Hair”. Bryan quoted McGillivray’s tweet, writing to his friend, “Now that you’ve finally started the balding process, this must put your mind at ease… 😘#BaldIsBest #WelcomeToTheClub #ScottMcgillibald”.

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