Kristina Crestin Catches Jonathan Knight ‘Ripping Off’ Design Idea

Jonathan Knight & Kristina Crestin

HGTV / YouTube Jonathan Knight & Kristina Crestin

HGTV’s “Farmhouse Fixer” stars Kristina Crestin and Jonathan Knight are out west in Los Angeles working on a currently under-wraps project, but while there Crestin caught her “Rock the Block” partner in the act of photographing a design detail from what appears to be a home furnishing store.

“Wrapped and doing a little shopping, finding inspiration everywhere, ❤️ Jon getting inspiration from the one thing not for sale. Totally ripping off that base design!”, Crestin wrote in a March 25 Instagram story. The story includes a photo of Knight, leaning over on a very long outdoor couch, phone out, and taking a photo of a large base table that runs the length of the couch.

Crestin and her design partner are having fun on their trip, with Crestin sharing another story with a video of Knight pulling up to her in a Prius. “I think this is the best part of our trip to LA is the sweet, sweet ride. Tesla? No. Jon in a Prius, look at how cute he is!” Crestin said over the video.

Kristina Crestin Shared Unseen Touches From Her & Jonathan Knight’s ‘Rock the Block’ Main Suite

In addition to sharing their current expedition to the west coast, Crestin’s Instagram feed has been full of photos of her and Knight’s “Rock the Block” house, as she has been sharing details of all of her and Knight’s designs that may not have made the finished television show, so viewers can see just how much work and attention to detail goes into these spaces.

In a March 25 post, Crestin showed off photos of the bathroom in her and Knight’s home’s main suite.

“We’ve thought of everything, including [Docking Drawer] in drawer outlets to leave hair dryers and irons plugged in for easy to grab use – a luxury I want at home myself so badly!” Crestin wrote. Other amenities in their bathroom space include heated floors, a soaking tub, double vanities, and intentionally oversized wall sconces “to be a little playful and artful”.

In another post from this week, Crestin took a moment to highlight the gallery wall that she and Knight had put into their space and thanked the many pairs of hands that worked through the night to bring the gallery wall and the whole main suite to life.

She also pointed out one of the pieces of art staged in their gallery wall, an old favorite of Crestin’s that she has snuck into quite a few “Farmhouse Fixer” stagings. “That bunny is a piece one of my very talented designers [Katie] did that we used in multiple homes last season (almost like an Easter Egg we were waiting for anyone to notice 🤣)⁠” Crestin wrote.

Bryan Baeumler Accused of Stealing an Idea While on ‘Rock the Block’

Crestin caught Knight sneaking inspiration photos from a home goods store, however one of their fellow “Rock the Block” contestants Bryan Baeumler was caught “snooping” on the competition by his wife and partner, Sarah Baeumler. Bryan installed an exterior door in his and Sarah’s main suite bedroom space after Bryan admitted to seeing competitors Michel Boyd and Anthony Elle had extended their home’s deck to add exterior double doors to their bedroom.

“It’s not called stealing an idea if you take something and improve upon it. By adding this one door out to the deck we’ve added the same amount of value to the main bedroom [as Michel and Anthony], for a lot less money,” Bryan said in his own defense in confessional.

“Rock the Block” airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern time on HGTV and discovery+.

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