Keith Bynum & Evan Thomas Say ‘Bargain Block’ Season 3 Has a ‘Bigger Impact’

Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas

New York Live / YouTube Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas

HGTV’s “Bargain Block” stars Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas are in the swing of their 11-episode third season, which premiered on the network on Wednesday, August 23. This season, the design duo is doing things a little differently than in their first two iterations, as the couple explained when they stopped by “New York Live” on September 26 to discuss the new season.

During the interview, host Sara Gore mentioned that unlike in past seasons, Bynum and Thomas were buying multiple houses on the same street in season three, which allows them to execute multiple renovations and restorations at the same time.

“It’s always nice when we can find a neighborhood or find a block that has a lot of abandoned houses,” Thomas shared, “Because then we can just go in and fix, one by one, and it’s really easy for us both logistically but also on the business side when we can set our own comps [comparable prices of neighboring houses, which get factored into the value of a home]. And I think if you go in and fix multiple houses all at once, it has a much bigger impact.”

Keith Bynum & Evan Thomas Say Shea Whitfield Has ‘Helped Unbelievably’

Gore also asked Bynum and Thomas about the impact of the couple’s go-to realtor on the show and real-life friend Shea Whitfield on their business.

“Shea’s kind of our make-or-break moment. It’s like really having a great, sage-wisdom, advice person with you,” Bynum said, “and she knows the market, she knows the city, she knows what we do really well, so it’s helped unbelievably to have her on our team.”

According to HGTV, Whitfield is a Detroit native, and with almost 20 years in real estate experience, she has become an expert in the area and a valuable asset to the “Bargain Block” team.

“Keith is excellent when it comes to the vision of the design. And then, with Evan, he’s brilliant with carpentry and building. I’ve been an agent since 2004, and I’m really good when it comes to pricing. Because I was born and raised and now live in Detroit, I know the neighborhoods,” Whitfield told the network.

Keith Bynum & Evan Thomas Will Feature Their Own Home Renovation on ‘Bargain Block’ Season 3

Bynum shared a look into his and Thomas’s own home renovation in a September 19 Instagram post, and at the time it was unclear whether or not their transformation would be filmed and included in “Bargain Block”, though fans were hopeful, with one commenter writing, “Hopefully this will be one of the shows for this season – just curious as that looks like a completely other house (I know, that’s what you do) 🥰”.

Now, it seems this fan will be getting their wish, as Bynum confirmed in the “New York Live” interview, “Season three, you’ll see the big renovation we did on our house coming up, and we incorporated a lot of [our favorite elements from our past renovations].”

Season three of “Bargain Block” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. Eastern on HGTV and is available for streaming on Discovery+ and Max.

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