Kim Wolfe Reveals the Future of ‘Why the Heck Did I Buy This House?’

Kim Wolfe

HGTV Kim Wolfe stars in HGTV’s “Why the Heck Did I Buy This House?”

Calling all homeowners with buyer’s remorse! Kim Wolfe seemingly confirmed that “Why the Heck Did I Buy This House?” was renewed for a second season when she shared a casting call for the HGTV series on Instagram.

Seeking clients in the San Antonio, Texas area, Wolfe shared a video that read, “We are looking for homeowners ready to remodel!” She added in the caption, “We are casting, please email to apply #hgtv #whytheheckdidibuythishouse.”

The show follows Wolfe as she “use[s] her expert skills to help clients who snapped up their home at first sight but are now stuck in lifeless spaces with dysfunctional layouts, outdated style and overlooked potential,” according to a press release. “Kim will go all in pouring concrete foundations, nailing roof beams, installing framing and hanging drywall to bring her design vision to life—and will make these families finally fall in love with their reinvented dream home.”

The seven-episode first season of “Why the Heck Did I Buy This House?” premiered in March 2022. It stars Wolfe and her husband Bryan, who share three children: Michael, 8, August, 7, and Walt, 6.

Wolfe Bought Her First House With ‘Survivor’ Grand Prize

Viewers may better recognize Wolfe from “Survivor.” She won 2012’s “Survivor: One World” and walked away with the million-dollar grand prize. The couple used the money to buy their first home.

The property was “a 1940s home in need of total restoration,” she told HGTV. “It was the first real construction project I worked on.”

She developed a passion for design through the renovation. Thanks to her husband, she segued that passion into a career.

As Wolfe explained to HGTV, the family went on to buy, renovate and move into four houses in eight years.

“He was like, ‘How about you do this professionally and stop making our family move every time you want to try a new tile?’” the mother-of-three explained. “And so that was really kind of the birth of this as a career for me.”

Wolfe also competed on 2019’s “Survivor: Winners at War.”

Wolfe Developed the Ability to ‘Read People’ on Reality TV

Wolfe has developed a new skill thanks to her time on reality television.

“For both shows, I had to learn how to read people and figure out who they really are,” she told HGTV. “I had to quickly kind of come in and assess the family, assess what their needs are and try to figure out what’s going to absolutely blow them away.”

The 39-year-old reflected on watching herself ahead of the season 1 finale.

“I can’t believe tonight is the last episode of, ‘Why the Heck Did I Buy This House?’,” she wrote in a May 2022 post. “I remember watching back the episodes of Survivor, and being mind blown that every 1 hour episode ( 47 minutes after commercials) equaled 3 mostly miserable days of sitting in the sand in my underwear. This has been wilder to see an entire home renovation fly by every week ( thankfully I get pants). Tonight is absolutely one of my very favorites, don’t miss it:)”

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