‘Property Brothers’ Frustrated Over Show: ‘We’re Used to Having Everything Our Way’

Jonathan and Drew Scott

Heavy/ABC Jonathan and Drew Scott on "Live With Kelly & Mark" on May 17, 2024

When talk show host Kelly Ripa joked on May 17, 2024, that Drew and Jonathan Scott are the stars of “5,000 shows on HGTV,” it wasn’t that far from the truth. The 46-year-old twins, known worldwide as the “Property Brothers,” have had a year-round presence on HGTV for a dozen years, starring in a wide range of home improvement shows from “Property Brothers: Forever Home” to “Celebrity I.O.U.”

But the Scotts’ newest show, “Backed by the Bros,” could be their most frustrating venture yet, they told Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, on “Live With Kelly & Mark.” That’s because the new series, which premieres on June 5, has them working with clients who refuse to follow their advice, which drives the brothers crazy.

“You’ve never seen anything like this on HGTV,” Jonathan told Ripa and Consuelos.

Drew Scott Says It’s ‘Hard to Watch From the Sidelines’ as Clients Make Risky Decisions

Drew and Jonathan Scott

HGTVDrew and Jonathan Scott at the White House in 2023

Drew and Jonathan have renovated hundreds, if not thousands, of homes over the years, but they’ve always been in control of the details, whether procuring materials, managing finances or plotting out designs. In “Backed By The Bros,” things are different as they advise entrepreneurs who want to invest in real estate, giving them tips on project management, per HGTV. In the end, though, it’s up to the investors — not Drew and Jonathan — on how they’ll execute their projects.

“It’s completely different from any show we’ve done before,” Drew told HGTV. “Usually, Jonathan and I are totally in charge and calling the shots. On ‘Backed By The Bros,’ we can give suggestions and our best advice, but it’s really up to the investors to decide if they’re going to take it. For example, we can suggest they use our contractors, but if they want to use their own crew, that’s their choice.”

“We’re used to having everything our way, so it’s practice in trusting the process,” Jonathan told HGTV, wondering aloud if they’re “control freaks.”

“I know I am, because it’s hard to watch from the sidelines,” Drew replied.

During their interview on “Live With Kelly & Mark,” the brothers asked the audience if they’d follow their advice on real estate improvements and investments.
Jonathan incredulously asked, “If we were there with you and you have an investment property and we are bringing resources, we’re giving you materials, contractors designers advice, would you take our advice?”After the audience and Consuelos shouted “yes,” Drew said, “A lot of (the clients) are like, ‘Yes!’ and they do the opposite.”

“There’s one family we were working with,” he continued. They have five children. They spent their retirement savings they spent all five kids college funds, and they got into a profit and they wanted to build a multifamily apartment building. And then after they bought and spent all their money they realize they’re not allowed. It’s not zoned for that, they can’t do it.”

Jonathan & Drew Scott Reveal Each Others’ Fascinating Habits in ‘Live With Kelly & Mark’ Game

Though Drew and Jonathan may be on the same page about the challenge of watching clients on their new show fumble the ball, they did reveal ways they’re different from each other on “Live With Kelly & Mark,” while playing a game to see which twin was most likely to engage in different behaviors or habits.

Drew claimed Jonathan is “absolutely” the most likely to cheat on a test, which Jonathan didn’t deny, and they both quickly agreed Jonathan was also the most likely to sneak out of the house as a teenager, revealing he was the trouble maker of the two.

When Consuelos asked who’s most likely to send a snarky text, Drew quickly said his brother was guilty and Jonathan smirked while shouting, “What!? I’m an angel!”

They both agreed Drew is most likely to be a “tattletale,” and Jonathan is most likely to “know all the lyrics to a Taylor Swift song,” but they both insisted neither one of them ever pees in the shower.

“Absolutely not,” Drew said, and Jonathan agreed, “Not a chance.”

They also agreed that Jonathan is the most likely to fall asleep first.

“I can fall asleep any time, any place, any position,” he said. “It’s a super power.”

But Drew revealed Jonathan sleeps with his eyes open and joked, “He might be sleeping right now!”

When the twins were asked in what way they’re different from each other, they jokingly got up, pretending to undo their pants. While the audience clearly thought they were implying a difference in the size of what’s in those pants, Jonathan jokingly scolded them for having their “minds in the gutter.”

“Backed By The Bros” premieres on HGTV on June 5 at 9 p.m. Eastern.