Newest HGTV Couple Ray & Eilyn Jimenez Share Update on Show ‘Divided By Design’

Ray and Eilyn Jimenez

Heavy/Netflix/YouTube Ray and Eilyn Jimenez

HGTV laid out plans to premiere new seasons of over a dozen new and returning series in 2024, and now the network has an update about one of its newest shows from married couple Ray and Eilyn Jimenez. The network announced a premiere date for the Jimenez’s new show, “Divided By Design”, which is set to hit screens on Monday, June 10, at 10 p.m. Eastern, and air a total of nine episodes across its first season.

“Divided By Design” will follow Ray and Eilyn as they run two design firms that compete to win the same clients in the Miami housing market. Ray’s design style leans more modern, while Eilyn’s tends towards timeless and traditional functionality. While they both hope to impress their prospective clients, only one can win out, and each episode will follow the winning designer’s process. Across the season, fans will also get to see the couple renovate their own home between projects.

What is It Like to Compete Against Your Spouse?

In the network’s press release about the “Divided By Design” premiere, Ray and Eilyn opened up about what it was like working with (and against) their significant other.

“We do the exact same thing, but we don’t work together. We’re the competition. But regardless of who wins a client, we’re here to support each other no matter what,” Ray said, with Eilyn adding, “When clients reach out to both of us, we bid for the same jobs, however, Ray and I have different design perspectives and approaches when it comes to each project. I wouldn’t want to be competing against anyone else besides my better half.”

Fans of the Jimenez’s work were thrilled to hear they would be coming to HGTV. After the network announced their premiere date in an April 30 post, one user commented, “I’m so excited! I can’t wait ❤️.”

Dr. Nicole Martin from “The Real Housewives of Miami” also commented, writing, “Awww love this ! Congrats guys.”

Another Miami Housewife, Alexia Nepola, chimed in as well when Eilyn shared a post teasing the new show on April 4. “Yayy … so happy to hear this ! You guys belong on TV ❤️,” Nepola wrote.

“Congrats! Can’t wait! You’re gonna spice HGTV up! Nothing basic about your work! 😍,” another fan wrote on Eilyn’s post.

“YAS YAS YAS! Best freaking news I’ve heard in a while!!!!” another user added.

This is Not Ray & Eilyn Jimenez’s 1st Reality Show Together

Some fans were quick to note that “Divided By Design” is not the Jimenez’s first foray into reality television, as they were the stars of Netflix’s “Designing Miami” in 2022. While “Designing Miami” had a similar premise to “Divided By Design”, it followed Ray as he first started his design firm, making him the new kid on the block.

When one fan commented on Eilyn’s April 4 post, “so excited ❤!!! But did y’all stop doing ‘Designing Miami’ on netflix?? I have been waiting for season 2!!!” she clarified in a response, “we’re jumping over to @hgtv and can’t wait!”

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