Sebring Locals Share Photos of Ben & Erin Napier’s ‘Home Town Takeover’ Progress

Ben and Erin Napier

Heavy/HGTV/YouTube Ben and Erin Napier

HGTV stars Ben and Erin Napier announced that they would be traveling to Sebring, Florida for their third season of “Home Town Takeover”, the “Home Town” spinoff where they help jump-start a small town’s revitalization with a series of renovation projects, in February 2024.

In the months since, the pair have made multiple trips down to Sebring to work on various projects for homes and businesses in the small town, and locals have taken to social media to share sneak peeks of the Napier’s handiwork coming to life all around their small town.

Fans Spot Ben & Erin Napier Out & About in Sebring, Florida

One Facebook fan, Ladonna, was very active in sharing updates from the Napier’s visits to Sebring. She first wrote in a March 30 post, “I love to see the beautiful progress in our downtown Sebring! This building is coming to life! Thank you HGTV #hometowntakeover #sebringflorida,” alongside a photo of one of the buildings in Sebring’s main downtown area, “the Circle” which is set along Circle Park Drive. In Ladonna’s photo, the building is marked off with cones and somebody can be seen trimming a tree outside in a cherry picker.

The Napiers were pictured in another April 2 update, both staring straight up above themselves. “A bird was having a field day singing away during their filming, so much that they had to stop for a moment. Eventually it flew away. 🎥  ‘Take two’,” Ladonna captioned this second post.

Ladonna shared another pair of updates on April 9, which showcased both the start of work on the local Salvation Army building, as well as a building downtown that has been newly turned green. “Fresh green paint made such a big difference in how attractive this building on the Circle looks! Thank you Ben & Erin Napier, HGTV, and Home Town Takeover for seeing the potential gem we have in our hometown, Sebring Downtown Historic District!” she captioned the second of these posts.

Most recently, Ladonna shared a post on April 18 showing a full construction crew and film crew hard at work on one of the commercial buildings in Downtown Sebring, capturing their work for the show.

Not only have locals taken note of the changes, but the “Home Town Takeover” publicity has also attracted out-of-towners to visit Sebring, as one user wrote in an April 15 post, “We went to Sebring Florida. HGTV is filming Hometown there. It was a beautiful day.”

Erin Napier Was Almost Unable to Participate in ‘Home Town Takeover’ Projects

Despite Erin making it to Sebring, there was one unexpected obstacle that threatened her ability to participate in the “Home Town Takeover”. “The week before we left for Sebring to film the first days of Takeover season 3, I hurt my back. I hurt my back BADLY,” she wrote in a March 7 Instagram post.

Erin revealed that her injury came after blowing her nose with bad posture repeatedly while recovering from a sinus infection. While she was able to spend a week in Sebring thanks to a steroid shot, once back in Laurel she had to rely on family for help. Luckily Erin’s brother Clark is a physical therapist, and as such he was able to give her an adjustment and work with her to make sure she was filming ready for “Home Town Takeover”.

“And I am totally pain free. Even though he repeatedly stole my Slim Jims and Raisinets when we were little, I will do the exercises he prescribed for the next few weeks. 😅 I wish you all access to good physical therapists in your life. Thank God I’ve got one who learned from the best,” Erin finished her March 7 caption.

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