HGTV Reveals Winner of Smart Home 2023

HGTV has picked a winner

Heavy/HGTV/YouTube HGTV has picked a winner

HGTV has officially announced the winner of its Smart Home 2023 giveaway, with a grand prize package valued at $2.2 million.

The Santa Fe, New Mexico home, designed by HGTV star Tiffany Brooks, comes fully furnished, and the sweepstakes grand prize winner also gets to take home a Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan and a cash prize of $100,000.

HGTV’s Brian Patrick Flynn flew out to Johnson City, Tennessee to surprise the winner, Stacey Braswell from the nearby town of Kingsport, at the dental office where she works with the news of her win. Braswell is a married mother to one daughter, and Flynn even enlisted Braswell’s coworkers to help bring her husband and daughter into the office (under the assumption that they would be in the background of a scene for a reality show) so that they’d be present for the big reveal.

See Stacy’s reaction to her Smart Home win below.

Stacy Braswell Reacts to Winning HGTV’s Smart Home 2023

“Are you serious?!” was all Braswell could utter upon first hearing the news that she won the HGTV Smart Home 2023, after being randomly selected from 89 million entries, according to People.

Although Braswell was momentarily stunned, her daughter and her co-workers were jumping for joy on her behalf.

“I’m still in shock.” Braswell said, with her daughter quickly posing two questions, “Wait are we going to move to New Mexico?” and “Can we buy a pet monkey now?”

After taking a moment to collect her thoughts, Braswell shared her plans to put the cash prize to good use. She teared up as she spoke, telling Flynn, “I’m supposed to have surgery in a couple months, and we were upset about how I was going to pay for that, so this is a blessing.”

HGTV began its annual Smart Home sweepstakes in 2008 (under the name “Green Home”). The first such home was built in Hilton Head, South Carolina. In addition to the Smart Home giveaways, HGTV gives away two other homes each year via online sweepstakes, known as the Dream Home and the Urban Oasis. The network is also holding a $100,000 cash prize giveaway, with the entry window closing on August 31.

In an August 28 Instagram post, HGTV shared that viewers who missed out on the 2023 Smart Home’s next chance to win a home will be the Urban Oasis 2023, which is a newly renovated home located in Louisville, Kentucky. The entry period for this Urban Oasis sweepstakes begins on October 2.

What’s Inside HGTV’s Smart Home 2023?

Brooks took fans on a tour of the HGTV Smart Home 2023 in a May 18 video posted on the HGTV YouTube channel, explaining some of her favorite parts of her design.

“Here in Santa Fe, the design is all about pattern and texture,” Brooks said, explaining how she pulled inspiration from the surrounding area’s design trends, “So here [in the kitchen and throughout the house] I could not wait to dig in and start experimenting with different types of tile.”

In order to keep the design from becoming overwhelming, Brooks counteracted her use of pattern and texture with a simple color palette, utilizing mostly black and white features, with accents of green and orange that pull in the natural colors of the desert landscape that surrounds the home.

Since it is the Smart Home, Brooks incorporated smart appliances throughout the home, including in the kitchen, in the outdoor dining area, in the bathrooms, and on the rooftop deck.

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