Tarek El Moussa vs. Christina Hall: Exes Unveil New HGTV Show

Christina Hall, Tarek El Moussa

Heavy/Getty Former spouses and "Flip or Flop" co-stars Christina Hall and Tarek El Moussa

In February 2024, when Heavy asked longtime HGTV star Tarek El Moussa if he’d ever consider appearing in another TV series with his ex-wife and former “Flip or Flop” co-star Christina Hall, he fumbled for an answer.

“Oh, would I do another TV show with Christina?” he stammered. “Oh [expletive], umm, I mean, you know, crazier things have happened. You just never know.”

Three months later, the former couple has announced they will, indeed, appear in a new HGTV series together. On May 15, the network unveiled a “spicy” new competition series, “The Flip Off,” that will pit Tarek, 42, and his new wife, Heather El Moussa, 36, against Christina, 40, and her new husband, Josh Hall, 43.

Though the just-released promo for the 2025 show is full of tension, Tarek told Heavy the relationship between him and his ex-wife is the “strongest it’s been” since their tumultuous split in December 2016.

Exes Tarek El Moussa & Christina Hall Appear in Dramatic HGTV Promo With New Spouses

Posting a new promo for “The Flip Off” on social media, HGTV wrote that the two couples will “battle to see who can find, buy, renovate, and flip a house for the biggest financial gain,” encouraging fans to “be on the lookout for the spicy new series that’ll have you saying, ‘What the flip?!'”

The promo begins with Christina saying, “I never thought I’d be doing this” as her black stiletto is shown while she climbs out of an SUV with dramatic music in the background.

“This is one of the defining moments of my life,” Tarek then says as he’s shown walking from another SUV into a garage.

As they’re both shown walking separately, in slow motion, the lyrics of the song playing say, “Miss me, don’t you try to dismiss me, you thought I was history, but now you gotta deal with me, I’m back with a vengeance.”

Tarek and Christina are then seen entering a dimly-lit studio from separate sides. As he stands next to Heather and they look seriously at the camera, his voice is heard saying, “I will do whatever it takes to win.”

Both couples are then shown in a wide shot, all dressed in black and Christina, giving side-eye to Tarek, says, “Bring it on.”

The couples already began playfully sparring in the comment section of the post.

For instance, Josh wrote, “TEAM HALL BUTTON ——>” with the arrow pointing to the heart fans can click on to “like” the comment. Four hours after his comment, it had over 1,500 likes.

Tarek replied, “sorry Josh they don’t have a button for second place 🤷‍♂️ #elmoussasrule”

Separately, Tarek also wrote, “I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m willing to offer free coaching to Christina and Josh to help them in the flip off!!!”

Despite Tension in ‘The Flip Off’ Promo, El Moussas & Halls Are Now Co-Parenting & Co-Working Well

Flip or Flop

HGTVTarek El Moussa & Christina Hall starred in ‘Flip or Flop.’

Though tensions are high in the HGTV promo and “The Flip Off” will pit Tarek and Christina against each other, the former spouses seem to have settled into good groove as co-parents and colleagues. They share daughter Taylor, 13, and son Brayden, 8. Christina also has a three-year-old son with her second husband, Ant Anstead, while Tarek and Heather have a one-year-old, Tristan.

“Christina and I, we’re doing really well,” Tarek told Heavy in February. “I would say our relationship is the strongest it’s been in seven years. We’re co-parenting great, she has a great relationship with Heather, so things are really good right now.”

The day before their show announcement, Christina, Heather and Tarek posted a humorous social media video that has gone viral. Playing up frequent comments from fans and online trolls about how much Christina and Heather look and act alike, the two dressed identically in the clip and pretended to forget which one was which.

On Mother’s Day, Tarek and Heather sent Christina flowers, which she shared in her Instagram Stories, and she and Josh did the same for Heather, which she also shared in her Stories.

Those kinds of interactions are a far cry from two years ago, in May 2022, when the couples made headlines for having getting into multiple arguments at one of Brayden’s soccer games, with photos published by the Daily Mail.

In November of that year, Heather said on “Today” that they were getting along much better.

“I think (Christina) realized how much I love the kids, and they are number one to me over anything,” Heather told the show. “So, any drama aside, the kids are the most important thing to all of us now.”

Though many fans have already begun taking sides in the comment section of HGTV’s post about the new show, others have said it’s good to see Christina and Tarek working together again.

One person wrote, “Best #marketing ever!!! But honestly the best part of it is that the relationship they all 4 have now is an example for many blended families!!! Bravo!!!! 👏🏾”

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