Nicole Polizzi Blasts Mommy Shamer Who Ridiculed Her Kids


Instagram "Jersey Shore" alum Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was not going to stand for someone criticizing her children. The former MTV star unleashed an epic clap back after she was ridiculed by a social media user.

Jersey Shore alum Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was not going to stand for someone criticizing her children. The former MTV star unleashed an epic clap back in March after she was ridiculed by a social media user, as first noted by In Touch Weekly. The person took issue with the names the pint-sized reality star chose for her children.

The self-proclaimed meatball is Chilean, but she was adopted by an Italian-American family. Her husband, Jionni LaValle, is also “100%” Italian American. When it came to naming their three children–8-year-old Lorenzo, 6-year-old Giovanna and 19-month-old Angelo–the couple wanted to pay homage to their Italian ancestry, so when Snooki was called out by a mommy shamer she was happy to respond in typical Snooki fashion.

Snooki, 33, shared a picture holding her youngest son on March 5, 2020 and captioned it “Angeloooo” with a blue heart emoji. Thousands of people liked the photo, but not everyone was pleased. “Why did you give your kids traditional Italian names? You’re not even Italian,” one netizen wrote, adding three rolling eyes emoji.

Snooki was happy to provide the mommy shamer with an answer. “Because that’s what me and my husband wanted,” she wrote. “My husband is 100% Italian. Although I’m Chilena, I was adopted by Italian parents and raised as such, mmk.”

Months later, it appears the person’s criticism has since been removed from the comment section. A slew of Snooki’s followers defended the former Jersey Shore star, with many remarking that a person doesn’t have to be Italian (or of Italian ancestry) to choose an Italian name.

Snooki ‘Retired’ From ‘Jersey Shore’ Because of Her Kids

One of the main reasons Snooki “retired” from Jersey Shore–other than the infamous toast at Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding–was because she wanted to spend more time with her children. Snooki revealed it wasn’t worth it to be away from her children to film with her roommates, especially if it was just going to cause drama in her life.

“I hate being away from the kids, I don’t like partying three days in a row, it’s just not my life anymore,” she said on her podcast last year, as cited by E! News. “And I wanna be home with the kids. I don’t mind a here or there going to a dinner or whatever, but it’s just really hard on me to leave the kids and film the show.”

Snooki Might Briefly Return To ‘Jersey Shore’

While the MTV alum is confident about her decision to walk away from the series that made her famous, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino isn’t ready to give up on his roommate. In fact, he revealed that Snooki would be returning to Jersey Shorebut in the form of a doll–during an interview on Snooki’s podcast.

“I think we can tease that there is [a Snooki doll],” he said on November 20, according to Distractify. “It is pretty funny and hilarious, but we want the real Snooki back.”

“You are a legend, and I want to put it out there that all legends come out of retirement at least once,” he told his friend. “I will be hopeful, but we did miss you [unbelievably] and we did keep your spirit alive.”

Snooki, however, was happy to have moved on. “I miss everyone filming and even the crew but do I regret my decision? Hell no,” she said.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Season 4 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation when it airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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