‘MAFS’: Ryan Oubre Suspected of Blindsiding Clara Berghaus

Clara and Ryan Oubre

Lifetime "Married at First Sight" star Ryan Oubre was accused of blindsiding Clara Berghaus after the couple announced their divorce.

“Married at First Sight” star Ryan Oubre was accused of blindsiding Clara Berghaus after the couple announced their divorce on July 12. While some fans on Reddit weren’t surprised about the split, others claimed Oubre “blindsided” his wife with the breakup. The couple had been planning a vow renewal for 150 people on New Year’s Eve 2022, according to Reality TV World.

Berghaus posted a video of herself to TikTok, which showed the breakup news in the background. She mouthed to a previous recording that says: “After an interesting turn of events, it looks like I will be relating to Taylor Swift’s re-recording of the ‘Red’ album after all.”

Swift previously told Rolling Stone that “Red” was her “true breakup album… I wrote specifically about pure, absolute, to the core, heartbreak.”

In the comment section, Berghaus confirmed they had been planning their vow renewal. “If you know anyone who wants a couple of hundred dollars worth of New Year’s Eve party decorations send them my way lol,” she wrote, as captured by a Reddit user.

It’s not clear why Oubre and Berghaus split, but fans suspected the flight attendant was surprised by the breakup. “Oof it looks like Clara was blindsided but bought the stuff for the vow renewal, my heart breaks for her,” one person on Reddit wrote.

“Poor Clara!! I suspected Ryan was the one who ultimately broke things off but this just shows she definitely was not expecting the breakup,” another said.

Oubre & Berghaus Said It Was ‘Better’ for Them to Split

While the details of the breakup weren’t immediately known, the couple issued a joint statement to People that said they knew it was “better” for them to go their “separate ways.”

“It’s not an easy decision to make it, nor we do we take these next steps lightly,” the statement said. “Grateful to all who stood by us, and continue to stand by us as we make this very difficult decision. It goes without saying, we remain friends and hope for nothing but the best for each other.”

While they were on “Married at First Sight,” the couple struggled with intimacy and Berghaus wanted to hear her partner say “I love you,” the outlet noted. Oubre was reluctant to utter those three special words because he said he had never said them to a partner before.

Oubre & Berghaus Removed Each Other From Social Media

The footprint of the relationship was scrubbed from both their social media pages. Berghaus was the first to delete pictures of her husband from Instagram, though she didn’t immediately change her last name back to her maiden name.

Oubre followed suit, deleting an intimate post where he referred to Berghaus as “my love.”

“What a memory to last a lifetime. No one will ever know our love story, because it’s ours, it’s a moment in time that we’ll hold on to that no one else can have. No camera, no TV, no one else – just us, the only way we would want it,” he wrote in May, according to Monsters and Critics. 

“This picture reminds me of when I knew we were going to go for it,” Oubre continued. “Thanks for loving me on the days it wasn’t like this picture and on the days it was.”

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