Nicki Minaj Sends Message to This ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star

Getty Nicki Minaj on the red carpet.

A Love & Hip Hop star who is trying to jumpstart her rap career rejoiced recently over an encouraging message from Nicki Minaj.

On Instagram, Akbar V posted the comment that the Grammy-nominated rapper left under an Instagram post.

“You rapping,” the “Anaconda” rapper wrote. “That’s what rappers do. PERIAT. They don’t wanna rap they just wanna be a rapper.”

Akbar V reposted the message and gushed over her favorite rapper noticing her.

“This Alone let me know my talent don’t go unnoticed,” Akbar V wrote on Instagram about Minaj’s comment. “All that other s*** you haters talking don’t be bothering me…She never told y’all favs this though…She’s the only person matters when it comes to female rap she’s the #QueenOfRap this was wrote a minute ago to me and every time i get discouraged i go look at this.”

Akbar V has Publicly Asked Nicki Minaj for a Collaboration

In February, Akbar V took to Twitter to publicly ask Nicki Minaj for a meet-up to discuss a feature. In her tweet, she had asked if they could connect once the Queens, New York native wasn’t grieving the death of her father, Robert Maraj, who died earlier that month after a hit and run accident.

“I’m writing you to ask you when you come out of your grieving stage and God heals you to have lunch wit [you] to talk about that feature I need and give me guidance on this industry,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet according to Hip Hop Vibe.

After receiving backlash for asking for a feature during such a trying time for Minaj, Akbar V deleted her tweet.

“I deleted my tweet ’cause no way will I disrespect my idol I love her so much.”

She recently tweeted about Minaj’s absence from music as well.

“Everytime @NICKIMINAJ leave us y’all start panicking that alone let me know y’all don’t have faith in these other rap b*****,” she tweeted. “Me neither i miss the Queen Of Rap she who i look up too she inspired me along with a lot of 90’s rappers … my time coming though.”

Akbar V Calls Herself the “Queen of Atlanta”

When Akbar V was first introduced as a member of the Love& Hip Hop: Atlanta cast, she self-proclaimed herself as the “Queen of Atlanta.” In an interview with Flaunt Magazine, she explained why she is deserving of that moniker.

“Because I am Atlanta!,” she said. “I was born and raised in Atlanta. I can take you to any hood in Atlanta, I’m who I am. I can really rap. With the right team which I have now, with the marketing plan, I really can be real big over the world. A real global superstar because I already got Atlanta. No ghostwriter, I can really rap.”

She also said that recording a song with Nicki Minaj is a dream of hers.

“When Nicki came out, I was in my teens and there were no female rappers,” she continued. “The first one I heard from Nicki was “Still I Rise.” [starts rapping] ‘She said ‘f*** Fendi,’ but I think she was playin’. I heard she move them thangs, I think she f****** Wayne. She call herself Lewinsky, that means she give him brain. She tryna be like Lil’ Kim; her picture looks the same.’ When I heard that, then I was listening to ‘Itty Bitty Piggy’. All that, she won me over. I love Nicki, that’s my dream collab.”

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