Former ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Reveals Her Serious Medical Diagnosis

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A former “Bachelor in Paradise” star from Australia has revealed a serious medical diagnosis.

Yes, they have a Bachelor Nation “Down Under”!

Megan Marx revealed the condition in an Instagram post on January 23, 2023. It’s a condition called Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA6) that can affect movement over time, according to Medline Plus.

Marx starred on Ritchie Strahan’s season of “The Bachelor” in Australia in 2016 before joining Australia’s version of “Bachelor in Paradise.” Fans offered support, with one person writing on Marx’s comment thread, “I’m sorry to hear that. It’s a tough diagnosis, but not a death sentence. A friend of mine was diagnosed in her late 20’s & is now in her mid 40’s with minimal symptoms, so remember not all cases are the same. A lot to take on though. I hope you are able to manage it well.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Marx Wrote That She has ‘Lots of Living to Do’

In the Instagram post, Marx wrote, “Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA6). Months of waiting for gene test results, I met with the neurologist on Friday. S*** news. Diagnosis. Some tears while Keith took over the conversation. F*** huh!”

The post continued:

Feeling grateful for my physical body right now, in its present state, before neurological degeneration attempts to take some of me from me. All the yays for love making and skinny dipping and hiking and painting and food-ing and bad dancing and awful conversations at bars.

Actually feeling grateful altogether. Many have worse diagnoses. Just some processing to do. Lots of living to do.

Marx responded to a comment writer in her Instagram thread, writing, “I’ve joined a facey support group which has been great. I’m more struggling with the fact that there isn’t a whole lot of research on the condition!”

Another comment writer wrote, “I don’t know you personally but your post had an impact. I wanted to reach out (with compassion) but also with positivity – mind over matter – keep moving; keep eating well; focus on your breath and do more yoga. A diagnosis doesn’t have to define you – and you’re a beauty with so much life in you ❤️”

The Condition Causes ‘Progressive Problems With Movement’

According to Medline Plus, Spinocerebellar ataxia type 6 (SCA6) “is a condition characterized by progressive problems with movement. People with this condition initially experience problems with coordination and balance (ataxia).”

According to the site, “Other early signs and symptoms of SCA6 include speech difficulties, involuntary eye movements (nystagmus), and double vision. Over time, individuals with SCA6 may develop loss of coordination in their arms, tremors, and uncontrolled muscle tensing (dystonia).”

The site adds: “Signs and symptoms of SCA6 typically begin in a person’s forties or fifties but can appear anytime from childhood to late adulthood. People with this disorder may require walking or mobility assistance later in life.”

According to, the disorder is part of “a group of inherited brain disorders which affects the cerebellum (a part of the brain which controls co-ordination and physical movement).”

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