‘The Challenge’ Sneak Peek Hints at Upcoming Reveal About On-Screen Hookup

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All nine episodes of “The Challenge: All Stars” have now been released on Paramount Plus, with the season’s reunion set to drop on the streaming platform on Thursday, June 3. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the entire season of “The Challenge: All Stars.”

At the end of the ninth episode, viewers were treated to a sneak peek of the reunion, which will allow cast members to unpack the season and air their grievances. The reunion, hosted by Maria Menounos and Nate Burleson, seems as though it will feature some confrontation between cast members, including a conversation about Alton William’s relationship status during the show, where he and Jisela Delgado struck up a romance.

About halfway through the season, viewers saw a relationship growing between Jisela and Alton, which culminated in the two getting into bed together in the fifth episode of the season. Cast members have since come out to address the moment with different perspectives.

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The Trailer Shows Maria Mentioning a Major Reveal & Alton Possibly Being Married During the Show

The preview, which is available at the end of the ninth episode or on this Instagram page, showed several intense clips, including Jemmye Carroll speaking out about something and Kellyanne Judd raising her voice and saying, “I’m allowed to have my opinion, right guys?”

The clip also featured a short conversation between Beth Stolarczyk and Jisela about some contestants possibly “coasting” through the show, with Beth asking, “Who do you think coasted?” The short clip ended with Maria asking the cast, “There was a rumor that Alton is married.”

From the clip of the reunion, it appears as though Alton himself is not present at the reunion, although he may call in to the show for some segments as cast members have done in the past. The reality TV star is notoriously private and does not have a social media presence so has not addressed his relationship publicly.

Cast Members of ‘All Stars’ Had Various Takes on Alton’s Relationship Status Throughout the Season

A few different cast members addressed Alton’s situation after the show aired, including Jisela herself. After one of the episodes showed Jisela and Alton getting into bed together, Syrus Yarbrough said that Alton told him he was in a relationship. He told Derrick Kosinski in an interview, “I don’t know about you but I thought he was taken… It is what it is.”

Derrick agreed that the two had a lot of conversations about their significant others and Derrick said, “He was coming at us in conversation that he had, you know, a very serious significant other at home where things were not really going in the direction that he’d like it to go but as time went on, I continued these conversations and I don’t know if you did, and ‘wife’ turned into ‘never-been-married.’”

Jisela disputed those claims on Instagram Live, saying that Alton was never married and while on the show he did not have a girlfriend and wasn’t cohabitating with the mother of his children. She confirmed that on the “Challenge Mania” podcast, saying Alton and the mother of his kids split three years ago despite his attempts to make a relationship work between them.

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