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The 4th episode of “The Challenge: USA” saw the winning team make a big move by targeting and blindsiding some big names in the show.

Alyssa Lopez and Kyland Young were paired up and won the trivia challenge that episode. The “Big Brother” pair decided to target their co-star and the season’s winner, Xavier Prather, who was teamed up with “Survivor” star Shantel Smith. Although the move came as a surprise to Xavier and Shan, Kyland and Alyssa discussed it with fellow “Big Brother” alum Angela Rummans ahead of time and she gave them some advice.

“You can throw it all on Shan,” Angela told the winning team. “Make her freak out, and then [Xavier] just feels like he was partnered with a bad apple. I think we blame everything on Shan.” After the episode, Shan shaded Angela on The Challenge Fanatics’ Reali-Tea Podcast and said her co-star was difficult to get to know.

“You know, I don’t know that many of the girls in the house other than Kyra [Green] and maybe Alyssa got along with Angela,” she said. “You really can’t tell what Angela’s thinking or saying sometimes, I think it must be the fillers and Botox. I don’t know. Her face, it just doesn’t move,” she added. She also described Angela as a “mean girl” and said:

I think with Angela, like Cely [Vazquez] and like every other girl on the show, I think like I tried, I made an attempt at trying to get to know her.

But her trying to gaslight me right before going into the show just demonstrated that she was the coldhearted, kind of, little woman. I don’t even know if I can call her a woman. I feel so irritated with her that she would even try and gaslight another woman like that.

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Shan Also Blasted Alyssa in Her Exit Interview & Said She Doesn’t Really Like Her

Shan also shaded Alyssa in her exit interview with Entertainment Weekly, telling the publication that she was confused when her co-star called her out on Twitter. “Yeah, I just let her have it,” the “Survivor” star said about her response on social media. She said she was “waiting for her to clap back for a couple days, and then she didn’t, and then I was like, ‘Man, Twitter is toxic.'”

Shan said she decided to get off Twitter because of that but she’s still confused about why Alyssa came for her. “I did have choice words back for her because I think she’s a capitalist,” Shan shared. “I think that she benefited from proximity to the Cookout and pretended to be understanding of it all but really didn’t get it and then made it this whole personal thing on ‘The Challenge.’ I just think it was messy. I don’t have a lot of respect for her as a person. I don’t wish her anything bad in life, but I don’t really like her.”

Alyssa has since tweeted, “Imagine being so salty about getting eliminated from a competition show that you chose to use your exit interviews to bash other women’s intelligence and looks. I can’t relate. I’d explain my thought process during my exit interviews, but I don’t have any scheduled this early” along with a yawning emoji.

Shan & Xaiver Were Eliminated After Getting Thrown Into Elimination Against Justine Ndiba & David Alexander

Justine and David were sent directly to the arena following their loss at the trivia challenge while Kyland won his second challenge along with his new partner Alyssa. The “Big Brother 23” pair decided to take a shot at Xavier since their co-star had betrayed them both on their season.

In the elimination, the two teams had to smash through glass and crawl through a tunnel to get their puzzle pieces. Once they retrieved all their puzzle pieces, the quickest team to put it together saved their spot in the game. Justine and David finished their puzzle a bit quicker than their opponents and sent Shan and the “Big Brother 23” winner packing.

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