‘The Challenge’ Star Gives Pregnancy Update & Opens Up About Motherhood


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“The Challenge” couple Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols are expecting their first baby, a boy, and Jenna recently took to social media to provide an update on her pregnancy. On June 7, she revealed that she was entering her third trimester and then on June 18, she said she was in the last few weeks of her pregnancy, with her due date in August 2021.

On June 17, Jenna shared with her followers that she feels ready for motherhood because of everything she’d been going through in the last two weeks with her dog, who became sick a few weeks ago. She said, “It’s safe to say I’m officially prepared for motherhood.”

She explained that her dog Bocce got water intoxication and had to spend a night in the hospital, then “2 days later I take him back because he winded up getting the parasite giardia.” She said after a week on his medication, “I notice Bocce practically eating his feet. Back to the doctor… turns out he got a yeast infection between his toes,” she wrote.

After that, she said he got stung by a bee on the corner of his eye, which became very swollen and then the day she wrote the post, she said Bocce ended up throwing up after eating grass. She concluded, “can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.”

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Jenna Recently Revealed That Her Dog Became Really Ill After Drinking Lake Water

Before writing about Bocce preparing her for motherhood, Jenna shared with her followers the scary moment her dog got water intoxication and wrote a warning to her followers about it. On June 6, she said he swam in the lake and afterward, “he threw up, was aggressively shaking (almost like a seizure) when he sat up or stood up, he was excessively drooling and had all bubbles coming from his mouth, panting hard and his eyes were all glassy.”

The “Real World” star said she and Zach rushed the dog to the emergency room and found out he had water intoxication and he “had to stay over night and was monitored and constantly being put on fluids,” she wrote.

Jenna said water intoxication in dogs was something that she was previously unaware of: “It’s very serious and a dog can die within hours! I just wanted to make people aware of this because it is summer, and I was so unaware myself.”

Jenna & Zach Are Expecting Their First Child Together in a Few Weeks

On Valentine’s Day weekend, Jenna and Zach announced to their followers that they are expecting their first child and said they were “super excited and ready” to start a family together. Jenna said despite postponing their wedding, they felt it was time to “start the next chapter” and said they were lucky to get pregnant on their first try.

Jenna wrote that her first trimester had no complications and was excited to share her journey with her followers. The following month, Jenna and Zach shared their gender reveal and discovered they would be having a baby boy.

The “Challenge” couple has been going strong for a few years now after the rocky start of their relationship was documented over several seasons of the competition show. In 2019, the “Real World: San Diego” star proposed to Jenna at the Rockefeller Center just before Christmas and they tied the knot in a small ceremony on March 13, 2021, after postponing their full wedding due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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