Josh Martinez Reveals If He’ll Do Another ‘Challenge’ Season

Josh Martinez

MTV Josh Martinez

The Challenge has evolved a lot over the years and is now a lot more focused on the physical competition aspect of the show, with many older competitors returning season after season. One star of the franchise, Josh Martinez, recently revealed how long he’s planning on appearing on the show after making the last four seasons in a row.

In an Instagram Story, Josh answered a fan question and said he’d like to compete for at least a few more years before retiring from the show. The Big Brother winner recently said MTV called him to compete as early as Vendettas when competitors from Big Brother first made the leap to The Challenge. However, he was unable to appear on the season because of his contract with CBS, he revealed.

It wasn’t until War of the Worlds that Josh began appearing regularly on the show and now he said he plans to continue competing as he is still searching for his first win.

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Josh Said He’d Like to Return for 3 More Years & Recently Got His 1st Elimination Win

Recently, Josh responded to fan questions on his Instagram Story and one person asked how long he wanted to continue to appear on the show. He said he recently celebrated his 27th birthday and would like to continue to compete until he’s 30 years old, CheatSheet reported. Since The Challenge usually films two seasons per year, that means Josh could compete in as many as six more seasons before then.

Double Agents is his fourth season after making his debut on War of the Worlds so he’s well on his way to solidifying his spot as a veteran competitor on the show.

Josh also won his first elimination in four seasons in a recent episode of The Challenge: Double Agents and said he was able to remain calm and stop doubting himself. He also revealed that the elimination was over in about five minutes but it was edited to appear longer. Josh became the last male competitor to win an available gold skull and qualified to run the final challenge, however, he may have to defend it from the guys who don’t yet have one.

Josh Recently Said He Wasn’t Sure If He’d Return for ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’

In a recent appearance on the Challenge Mania podcast, Josh Martinez told host Scott Yager that he initially wasn’t planning on appearing on The Challenge: Double Agents. He said he wasn’t happy with the way he was edited in previous seasons and pointed to his recent edit when he won his elimination on Double Agents as an example.

Josh won his gold skull by defeating Mechie Harris in elimination but received a “goofy” edit that focused on his struggle throwing the medicine balls, despite the Big Brother winner saying he finished the elimination in five minutes. Josh said, “I’m gonna keep it so real with you right now. I didn’t want to do this season. I did not want to do this season for that same fact.”

He said he’s recently come to accept that he will be edited in this way because of his emotional personality. He said he’s come to terms with this portrayal because he signed up to be on reality TV and doesn’t appear on it to boost his following or become famous. He also said he already got the call to return for the next season so he doesn’t want to ruin his relationship with MTV.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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