Nam Vo Responds to Lolo Jones’ Criticism of His Performance

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Since the first episode of The Challenge: Double Agents aired, Nam Vo and Lolo Jones have been considered two of the strongest rookies and one of the stronger teams in the house. However, to the surprise of many fans, their team performed poorly during the last episode’s daily challenge, “Mission: Smuggle Run,” a five-mile course with multiple checkpoints, and finished in 7th place overall.

The two struggled during the run and seemed to never get on the same page with their strategy and how to carry the heavy capsule. Lolo became frustrated with what she perceived as Nam’s lack of communication or encouragement during the run and his unwillingness to run across the finish line. Nam, on the other hand, said he shut down because he didn’t appreciate Lolo’s tone and lack of support.

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Back in the house after the daily challenge, Lolo and Nam sat down together and Lolo tried to explain her feelings to Nam. She said she’d worked on many teams in the past and found her partnership with Nam to be the most difficult in her career, which Nam said hurt his feelings. In her confessional during the episode, Lolo also spoke about how much difficulty she had working with Nam and described her fellow rookie partner as “stubborn” and “selfish.”

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After the Episode Aired Showing Lolo’s Criticism of Nam, He Defended Himself on Social Media & Thanked Fans for Their Support

After the sixth episode aired with the grueling daily challenge, Nam took to Twitter to address what happened and his response to Lolo’s comments about their performance. He first wrote, “Most horrible challenge and run for me .. badest communication ever .. this run would be another day at the office usually for me.”

Nam followed up that tweet with another that read, “For the record I‘m not selfish. Shocking how certain people thought about me. #notselfishforsure.” He then thanked his fans for their support with an image and wrote, “Really love you guys!!! This made my day!”

Wes also shared his thoughts on the situation between the two partners after the last episode. In a text posted to his Instagram Story, the two-time champ said, “Nam is the sweetest man I met this year. Granted, I met few people this year. But he’s literally the nicest man on the planet.”

Wes Bergmann

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When the Season First Started, Fans Wondered If the Chemistry Between the 2 Would Develop Into Something More

Early in the season, the two rookie partners spoke about their chemistry and fans saw the Olympian and the Beastmaster contestant getting closer in the house. During the second episode, Lolo revealed in her confessional, “I’m really liking this chemistry we have. He’s so good looking.”

Nam also spoke about his partner and said in his interview, “I think Lolo likes me and I like her too. I wouldn’t say that I’m looking for love but you never know. Let’s say I win the million and I win love so it’s like two millions in a row, wouldn’t be bad.”

After the third episode aired and there appeared to be no new developments, Lolo told her fans the two are not together. One fan wrote, “We are so here for Olympian @LoloJones flirting hard with @NamVoOfficial1!” Lolo replied, “I got nothing from him. It broke my heart actually. He said the nicest things on camera but nothing in person. Made me feel like it’s all fraud.”

She said although the two kissed, most of their moments remained private and off-camera. She said, “We made out numerous times off camera. That ain’t forcing shit. He showed what he wanted to show on camera.” She explained to one person that she believed nothing developed because he was “very protective of his image.” She added, “there were certain times he would [be] different off camera and that was hard bc I’m an open book. I’m not an actress I wear my emotions on my sleeve.”

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