‘The Challenge’ Winner Tells Co-Star: ‘I Owe You $500K’

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There are only two episodes left of “The Challenge: All Stars” and the situation in the house reached a boiling point in the seventh episode of the show as two other competitors were eliminated from the game.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the seventh episode of “The Challenge: All Stars,” which dropped on Paramount Plus on May 13.

During the episode, Jisela Delgado and Eric “Big Easy” Banks were both sent into elimination due to their performance during the daily challenge while the house debated which male competitor to vote in. Although the votes were close between Nehemiah Clark and Yes Duffy, Nehemiah got one vote more and ended up going to the Arena to fight for his place in the game.

Viewers were shocked when he chose Kendal Sheppard as a partner, who had already competed in two eliminations, as it put her game at risk. It also appeared as though Nehemiah had considered choosing Aneesa since she voted for him. After the episode dropped on Paramount Plus, Nehemiah provided more context to the decision.

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Nehemiah Tweeted After the Episode That the 2 Were Very Close in the House & Said He Owes Her $500,000

After the episode aired, Nehemiah took to social media to explain why he picked Kendal and told the “Inferno” winner he owes her $500,000 because Kendal was considered one of the stronger finalists in the cast. He said, “I know me picking @KendalSheppard was confusing. What they didn’t show was 1) how close me and Kendal were at that time. 2) Kendal telling me if it was climbing or endurance, pick her. I love you @KendalSheppard for having my back. I owe you $500k.”

Nehemiah also went on Instagram Live with Kendal after the episode dropped, where Kendal asked her fans to stop sending negative messages to Nehemiah for his decision to compete with her in elimination. The two revealed that they became really close friends in the house and formed a tight bond that wasn’t shown in the final edit of “All Stars.”

The two explained that they hit it off right away in the airport on the way to the show and built a strong friendship as they were often the first two to wake up every morning and spent a lot of time talking.

Kendal Wrote About Her Experience on ‘All Stars’ & How Happy She Was to Compete Again Despite Not Making It to the Final

After her elimination, Kendal posted on Instagram to thank her supporters and share her thoughts about the season, revealing that she went on the show “very timid and feeling out of place.” She said, “this Challenge forced me out of my comfort zone, pushed me to fight through my anxiety, helped me face my fears of not being liked, allowed me the opportunity to discover some self confidence, and brought me a few incredible friends.”

She added, “I left a much richer person than when I arrived. And for that I am forever grateful.” Nehemiah commented on her post, “Our friendship was one of the best things that came out this experience. Thank you for having my back when most didn’t! I value you very much, and I owe you about $550k (extra $50 for interest).”

Mark Long also commented on her post and showed that the two are much closer than they were at the beginning of the show when he revealed he didn’t trust her: “Congratulations Kendal! Sometimes people might seem different but then you (me) realize you might be more similar than you think. Thank you for being the best elimination partner one could ask for and hope to see you again sooner than later.”

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