Are Jordan Wiseley & Nia Moore Dating?

Jordan Wiseley and Nia Moore

MTV Jordan Wiseley and Nia Moore

Viewers of “The Challenge: All Stars” season 3 have seen a completely different dynamic between competitors Nia Moore and Jordan Wiseley than the last time they were on our screens many years ago. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first 6 episodes of “The Challenge: All Stars” season 3, now airing on Paramount+.

The two “Real World: Portland” alums showed how close they’ve gotten in their time away from “The Challenge” and were even seen hooking up during the 4th episode of the show, leading many fans to wonder if the two are dating. During a confessional in episode 4, Nia explained, “Jordan and I have had this playful sexual chemistry for years, but we never really acted on it. I don’t know how much longer that’s gonna last.”

In his own confessional later in the episode, Jordan said, “Nia and I have had some sexual tension between us, and we may have succumbed to those feelings and sensations.” After the episode aired, Nia appeared on the “Challenge Mania” podcast, where she revealed that it wasn’t the first time the two had hooked up.

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Nia Opened Up About Her & Jordan’s Friendship on ‘Challenge Mania’

After the episode showing their hookup aired, Nia revealed on the “Challenge Mania” podcast that she and Jordan aren’t dating. However, she said they’ve always had sexual tension and added, “As Jordan has gotten older, we’ve developed this friendship and he’s gotten increasingly more handsome, that feeling definitely intensified.”

Nia explained that she felt as though their hookup was something that was “bound to happen,” but told the co-hosts, “it was weird because he and I, like we’re so in love with each other but not in a romantic way.” During her podcast appearance, Nia also revealed that their hookup in “The Challenge” house was actually the second time they hooked up.

The “Real World: Portland” alum told Scott Yager and Derrick Kosinski that the day she posted the photo of Jordan kissing her cheek was the first time they hooked up and said, “the moment was right.” She added, “the opportunity presented itself and we definitely went for it.”

Nia Opened Up About Her Journey With Jordan When the Season Began & Described Him as Her ‘Dear Friend’

When the season began airing and viewers saw how close Nia and Jordan had become, Nia posted on Instagram, “As many of you know by now, this is my dear friend @jordan_wiseley . Ten years ago, we were each other’s worst enemy.”

She said while fans haven’t seen them on-screen together for seven years, the two grew a lot off-camera. “The girl I was at 24 was defensive, incredibly prideful and ignorant of the consequences of my words/actions,” she said. “As time passed, I healed. I evolved… One of the things that stood in my way was forgiveness. I would not only have to choose forgiveness for myself in order to move forward, but also drop my pride and ask for it in return. I feared he would never give it to me. Thankfully, Jordan mutually embraced this challenge, took my hand and led the way.”

She said in that time, the two have grown personally and together and developed “genuine respect for one another.” She wrote, “We patched our wounds and healed together behind closed doors rather than on a stage, because we were doing it for us…and no one else.” She added, “I love this man with my entire heart, in this lifetime and the next.”

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