Tori Deal Responds to Accusations That She Was ‘Cocky’ on Double Agents

Tori Deal

MTV Tori Deal

Tori Deal has been a fan favorite for a few seasons on The Challenge but her appearance on Double Agents seemed to create more of a divide between Challenge fans. While many still support the Are You the One? alum, others criticized her approach to the game this season and accused her of being “cocky” or overconfident during her time in Iceland.

Since the beginning of the season, Tori has hosted MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast with Challenge costar and friend Aneesa Ferreira and in a recent episode of the podcast, she addressed those accusations.

Tori acknowledged that she has been rethinking her approach after two early exits on the show and that she’ll work on being more humble, but also added that she thinks female competitors frequently get accused of overconfidence simply for believing in themselves, much more than the male competitors do.

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She Said Confident Female Competitors Are Often Accused of Being Overconfident Unlike Male Competitors But That She Will Be More Humble

At the end of the episode, Aneesa and Tori responded to listener questions and one of the questions was, “Does Tori think she was a little cocky this season?” Tori responded to the question and said, “Ok listen, I don’t walk around the house saying ‘I’m gonna beat you, I’m gonna beat you.’ Do I walk around confident and try to overly plan the game? Definitely.”

She also said that after rewatching the elimination and “watching myself get booted early two seasons in a row” she took a “big step back.” She continued, “My a** is coming back humble as f***, you’re never gonna hear me talk low about any other competitor again, I promise you I learned my lesson.”

That being said, Tori added that women should be free to be confident in themselves on the show and female competitors often get “way more heat” for being confident in their abilities than the male competitors. She said:

It’s a 50/50 thing. The world needs to get more comfortable with women talking their s*** because we have every f****** right to, and I also have to take a page out of the Aneesa book and just, you know, be more humble and be a better human. I’m here for the growth.

Tori Apologized for Calling Some of the Rookies Weak When She Was in the House

Many of the accusations of overconfidence stemmed from some of Tori’s language about the smaller contestants in the house. In some scenes, Tori spoke with her allies about the size of some of the female competitors and called them “weak,” and Big T, Amber Martinez and Gabby Allen were not happy about that. Following Tori’s exit from the show, she addressed those comments on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast and said:

Weak shouldn’t have been the word. I should have used ‘inexperienced’ because nobody likes to be called weak, it’s super demeaning so I really do apologize to anybody that I offended when I said that. But what I was really trying to say is ‘inexperienced rookie.’

Tori has now appeared on five seasons of The Challenge and is still looking for her first win after making it to two finals. She was eliminated by Aneesa during this season, similarly to her early exit from Total Madness when she was sent home by Jenna Compono.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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