Wes Bergmann Calls Out ‘Annoyed’ Challenge Fans

Wes Bergmann

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MTV announced the release of a docu-series titled “The Challenge: Untold History” on September 7 and this week, the first part premiered on the network.

While many have welcomed the series and the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane, some have criticized the inclusion of Kim Kardashian in the project ever since she appeared in the trailer. “The Challenge” official Instagram account wrote, “Witness the EVOLUTION of a series that CHANGED television with stories you’ve NEVER heard before.”

The trailer teased interviews with big name competitors like CT Tamburello, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, Aneesa Ferreira, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and, of course, beloved host TJ Lavin. There was also a quick clip of Kardashian stating, “I was obsessed.”

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Wes Bergmann Defended Kim Kardashian’s Presence in the Docu-Series After Some Fans Criticized Her Inclusion

In response to “The Challenge” Instagram page posting about “Untold History,” longtime cast member Wes Bergmann wrote about Kardashian’s inclusion. “Let’s talk about why Kim K is there,” he said, noting that fans had been commenting about her interview in the trailer.

“She’s heavily connected to the same production company that makes the challenge because they also made the lion share of the Kardashian shows,” he explained. “Add in the fact that she’s a legitimate fan of the challenge, and mega famous woman. This doc will feature many people that have never been on the challenge, yet have a connection to it, with the intent of telling a more holistic story.”

Wes’ comment picked up a lot of replies from fans who continued to disagree with Kim being included, and he added, “I honestly didn’t feel one way or another about Kim K until I read this thread. Now, knowing how much she annoys you all I’m officially her biggest fan. Can someone please point me in the direction of the best place for me to support her, financially?”

Kardashian is one of many famous people who follows “The Challenge” as Rihanna and Drake are both known fans of the show. Also NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo has also shared that he’s a fan of “The Challenge” and cheered on Leroy Garrett before the longtime vet retired.

Many Fans Wondered Why Kardashian Was in the Trailer & Said They Didn’t Want to See Her on ‘Untold History’

The posts about “The Challenge: Untold History” on Instagram received a lot of comments from fans wondering why Kardashian was included, with one person writing, “Why is Kardashian in here??? #shame.” Another person said, “Why the F*** do they have Kim on here? GTFOH! #thechallengeuntoldhistory.”

Many commented about it on Twitter, including one who wrote, “They put Kim on this docuseries and not Cara Maria [Sorbello]?! #TheChallengeUntoldHistory #TheChallenge.” Another added, “So far I’m lovin #TheChallengeUntoldHistory but can someone tell me how tf Kim K is relevant to this?! Like why is she on this??”

One person wrote, “Kim???? What in the world.” Another added, “Not sure why Kim K was asked to join this though, lol.” Someone else shared, “We don’t need Kim k’s opinion…”

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