The Challenge Legend Says ‘Ain’t a Chance in Hell I’m Going on Next Season’

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Only two episodes of the 36th season of The Challenge have aired so far and one of its major stars has already said they won’t be appearing on the next season. Wes Bergmann, two-time Challenge champ, told his Double Agents co-star Fessy Shafaat this week that “there ain’t a f****** chance in hell I’m going on the next season.”

Wes joined Fessy’s Instagram Live for a portion of Fessy’s live recap of Wednesday’s episode and the two discussed how the season was going so far. Wes made the comment about the next season after Fessy joked that Wes was such a good game player that he was already stirring the pot in preparation for the next Challenge season.

Wes responded, “I’m throwing out a little seed here, so that way the fandom can already start to get over this, there ain’t a f****** chance in hell I’m going on the next season.” He continued, “I need the jealousy to die down.” He said he’d “clean house” on Cameo and Patreon, let the “jealousy” die down, lift weights and return for season 38. “That, to me, is my gameplan cause the jealousy is just too real.”

Wes gave some more context to his decision and explained that he’d given similar advice to longtime competitor Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio:

I always said this to Bananas, I’m like ‘Bananas you need to just take one [season] off.’ And I said that years ago, I was like, ‘just f****** take one off, let everyone just calm down because you step into that thing and everyone is just, your name just comes out of their mouth regardless.’ And now I feel like why am I just not taking that same advice?

Don’t get me wrong it will hurt my heart to sit out. I will be jealous, I will still be calling everybody for gossip and lava, but I just watched a bunch of my friends tonight, on national television, write down my name for zero reason. And so I just need it to calm down a little bit and I think that just one season off is the recipe for doing that.

Wes Explained How Difficult the First 2 Episodes Were to Watch Due to Betrayals From Contestants Like Aneesa, Leroy & Theresa

Wes also spoke to Fessy about how difficult the season had been to watch so far and that he was hurt that many people who he considered friends or had never crossed before decided to turn on him. He also said it wasn’t just that they turned on him, but that many of them said negative comments about him in their confessional interviews.

He said, “Well it’s been annoying because I’ve been at the brunt end of a gameplay where it doesn’t work out for me, like I’ve played enough where that happens. But people are doing gameplay stuff to me and then going to their interviews and calling me a piece of s*** like Theresa and Leroy and Aneesa.”

He continued, “And who knows how many other people are gonna say mean shit. Cory got close to saying mean shit tonight, it’ll come. I’ve never voted in Aneesa, or Theresa or Leroy or Nelson or Cory.” He explained that he went into Double Agents without having any rivals or enemies cast on the season, which is why he told his partner Natalie Anderson that he’s friends with or in an alliance with all the male cast members.

“So it’s just really frustrating to go into a house with a bunch of people that I’ve played with before, never once crossed, and find myself getting picked on so badly and it makes no sense,” he said. “They don’t understand why I’m upset. It’s going right over their f****** head.”

Wes Has Taken Several Seasons Off From ‘The Challenge’ Since His Debut in 2006 on ‘Fresh Meat’

Wes is a longtime veteran of the show and has participated in 14 seasons, including Double Agents, but has taken much more time off than his former enemy Bananas, who has participated in 20. Wes made his debut on Fresh Meat in 2006, where he went to the final. He then appeared on the next season, The Duel, and won the season. After those two Challenges, Wes took four seasons off before returning.

Wes also took a long break after Rivals III, which was filmed in late 2015 and aired in 2016. It was the 28th season of The Challenge, and Wes didn’t make his return until the 33rd season, War of the Worlds, which filmed in late 2018 and aired in 2019. Since then, he’s appeared in all four seasons back-to-back.

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