Paula Jones Is Married to Husband Steven Mark McFadden Today

paula jones husband married today

Getty Paula Jones (L) breaks down as she reads a statement announcing her intention to appeal the Arkansas federal district court's judgement to dismiss her case against US President Bill Clinton at a press conference at the Fairmount Hotel in Dallas, TX 16 April. On the right is Jone's husband Stephen.

Paula Jones filed a federal sexual harassment lawsuit against President Bill Clinton saying he made an improper sexual advance on her when he was the governor of Arkansas. The lawsuit came in 1994, years before news of the affair broke between Clinton and Monica Lewinski. Today, Jones is married to husband Steven Mark McFadden.

Jones claimed that Clinton sexually harassed her and damaged her reputation after she made her accusation public, according to History. Clinton’s lawyers cited presidential immunity in a motion to dismiss her suit, the article said. A federal district judge ruled that Clinton could not stand trial until he left the office of the president, but said an investigation into the allegations could continue. Jones filed an appeal in 1996, and a judge determined the case could proceed to the Supreme Court.

Clinton’s attorneys requested a delay, which coincided with the 1996 presidential election, the article said. Jones ultimately reached a settlement deal with Clinton, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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Here’s what you need to know:

Jones Divorced Husband Stephen Jones in 1999 & the Couple Disagreed Over Strategies for Her Sexual Harassment Suit Against Clinton

Stephen Jones and Paula Jones were married for seven years before they separated and eventually divorced. Stephen Jones filed for divorce in 1999, citing “irreconcilable differences,” according to the Los Angeles Times. They had two sons, Stephen and Preston, who were 6 and 2 at the time of the divorce filing, the Times reported. Stephen Jones also asked for joint custody of their sons in the divorce filing, the article said.

The divorce was filed in June 1999 following their separation in February of the same year, the article said. At the time of the separation, Paula Jones had said they planned to be reunited in Arkansas and that their marriage was not in jeopardy.

“It is now,” Paula Jones’ friend and former adviser told the Los Angeles Times at the time of the divorce filing. She did not elaborate on the reasons behind it, but added “at this time, the boys will remain with her.”

Paula Jones had said that she and her husband disagreed over a strategy on her lawsuit against Clinton, the Times reported. She had claimed that Clinton made an improper sexual advance on her in 1991 in her Little Rock, Arkansas hotel room. She received $850,000 in a settlement deal, but all but $201,000 went to lawyers, the article said.

Jones Married Steven Mark McFadden in 2001 After Meeting Him at a Housewarming Party

Jones was remarried about two years after her divorce. She met a neighbor, Steven Mark McFadden, at a housewarming party, according to the Deseret News.

“He’s shy, and I was kind of shy, too,” Jones said. “And we’ve been dating ever since.”

McFadden worked for a construction equipment company. Jones was 35 and McFadden was 39 when they were married, the article said. They were married in October 2001 at a Villa Marre home downtown Little Rock.

“The Villa Marre is best known as the exterior of the fictional home inhabited by television’s Designing Women,” the article said.

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