‘Real Housewives’ OG Spotted Filming After Rumored Firing

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“The Real Housewives of Potomac” is in a time of transition, with Candiace Dillard Bassett announcing her departure from the series after the eighth season, and season 1 cast member Robyn Dixon revealing she had been let go from the series shortly thereafter. While fans began speculating that more names might be on the chopping block, two original cast members of the series were spotted filming.

“Spotted: Gizelle [Bryant] and Ashley [Darby] filming in DC,” Queens of Bravo captioned a May 7 post that included a video of Bryant and Darby speaking together on an outdoor patio area. The footage was taken from far away, so while their topic of conversation couldn’t be made out, the cameras were seen clear as day.

Fans Thought Ashley Darby Would Be the Next to Leave RHOP

Darby sparked rumors of her own RHOP firing after relating a cryptic video on social media in February 2024. In the clip, shared to Twitter by Jay’s Reality Blog, Darby told her fans and followers, “This season was very challenging for me, I appreciate your support. There were things going on in my personal life that I wasn’t able to share, unfortunately. And even some of the dynamics in the group were a little challenging for me. More on that a little later, but I just wanted to check in. Thank you all for your positivity. This has been a great journey. Who knows what’s to come on it but I love y’all, and I appreciate you so much.”

Fans responded to Jay’s Reality Blog’s post with their own thoughts on Darby’s message, with one user writing, “oh wow so they might drop Ashley? This feels like an almost goodbye or at the very least doubt about her future spot. If Ashley goes, a couple others should go too! #RHOP.”

“Not sure if this is a firing but it seems like it. Whats sad is that she probably needed this job more than anyone. Her failing to secure the bag with Michael, Not saving money from past seasons, and her joining forces with GEB’s caused this #RHOP,” another fan added.

Users online had different reactions to Darby’s supposed departure, with some users arguing for her to stay and others excited about the prospect.

Gizelle Bryant & Ashley Darby Are in Business Together

One new development from RHOP season 8 was Darby and Bryant’s first business collaboration, as they worked on their very first fashion line, GnA (short for Gizelle and Ashley). “It’s no secret that Michael was the breadwinner,” Darby said of her estranged husband in episode 11 of season 8, “and I did let my financial stuff go and just relied on Michael, which in hindsight wasn’t the best choice for me to make. I liked being a kept woman, but now I need to make some money, not spend the money.”

GnA had its first fashion show in the penultimate episode of RHOP, with the athleisure line drawing mixed reviews from the duo’s co-stars.

The GnA fashion show’s after party was also the scene of the biggest fight of the season, which ended with guest Deborah Williams and “Friend of” the Housewives Keiarna Stewart ending up in a physical altercation.

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