Brandi Glanville Details Dog Attack With Expletive Ridden Rant

Brandi Glanville

Bravo Brandi Glanville details a dog nearly attacking her dog.

Former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville detailed a dog attack.

Glanville took to TikTok to describe an encounter she had with her neighbor’s dog.

“PSA for those living in the Calabasas area..Keep your dog on a FN leash!!! #AnotherDay #AnotherDrama #BrandiChronicles #dogs #rhobh #bigbrother,” she captioned the video.

Here’s what you need to know:

Brandi Glanville Says a Neighbor’s Labradoodle Tried to Attack Her Chihuahua: ‘I Was Holding My Dog Over My Head’


PSA for those living in the Calabasas area..Keep your dog on a FN leash!!! #AnotherDay #AnotherDrama #BrandiChronicles #dogs #rhobh #bigbrother

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The TikTok was laced with curse words as Glanville explained what happened.

“A f****** PSA for the Calabasas area,” she says on TikTok. “My Chihuahua is 12 years old and he’s not f****** friendly and he’s always on a leash and when your big f****** Labradoodles are not on leashes and they run over and they try to attack us and you get mad at me for saying the f******, get your f****** dogs on a f****** f****** leash. Sorry, um no b****. I’m so annoyed. Like oh, ‘they’re so friendly’. all it takes it one time. And it just happened. And I was holding my dog over my head and i swear to you … I’m not sorry, first thing. Keep your f****** dogs on f****** leashes you stupid b****. It was really nice to meet a neighbor though.”

This is not the first time Glanville’s dog has been in danger. In February she showed a photo of the dog with an eye injury after getting in a fight with a “wolf.”

“My gangster pup started a fight he could not finish with a wolf! He is ok Thank God!!!” she wrote.

Fans Supported Brandi in Her Anger: ‘Good Job Protecting Your Baby’

Followers took to her comments section to react to the story.

“Yepppppp. There are leash laws for a reason,” someone said. Glanville responded saying, “Exactly! Drives me crazy.”

Another fan wrote, “I understand to an extent. some neighbors are irrational about it. but good job protecting your baby,” to which Glanville responded saying, “Always. He’s a little s***, but he’s mine and I love him.”

“Yass read them girl,” someone said.

“Labradoodles can be viscious! I had one try to attack my dog too,” another fan wrote.

Someone said, “PSA for everywhere!!! I’m in Australia and face this problem daily. We walk at 5am to avoid it and still get big dogs running over occasionally.”

“Don’t be sorry for this!!! Luckily you could grab and hold your dog! My dog is 100,” another fan said.

“I thought it was only me having this problem with my Neighbors,” someone wrote.

“You right with this one Brandi, people don’t know how risky it is to be off leash if your dog does not have recall training,” a fan pointed out.

Someone else wrote, “AND people who look mad when you say no, you can’t pet my dog. Like you’re a bad person.”

Some people didn’t appreciate Glanville’s approach and let her know.

“on behalf of the people of calabasas- you can still talk to people respectfully,” a fan wrote.

Another agreed to say, “Yes omg she was so mean !!!”

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