‘Real Housewives of Dubai’ Cast Rumors for Newest Franchise

Getty Images 'The Real Housewives of Dubai' cast rumors have begun.

On November 1, 2021, Andy Cohen confirmed what “Real Housewives” fans have suspected for months; the franchise is going abroad. During an appearance on “Today,” Cohen revealed that “The Real Housewives of Dubai” is coming to Bravo in 2022.

“Everything’s bigger in Dubai, and I couldn’t be more excited to launch Bravo’s first international ‘Housewives’ series in a city I’ve been fascinated by for years, with an outstanding group of friends as our guides,” executive producer Cohen said in a press release, according to Page Six.

While Cohen has not revealed who will be a part of the cast, there are already several rumors about the ladies who will be featured on the upcoming season. It’s unclear when the cast will be confirmed, but fans are itching to know which ladies will be taking part in the newest “Housewives” franchise.

Rumors that there was going to be a new city added to the “Housewives” roster have been circulating for weeks, with many fans thinking that the “Real Housewives” of Nashville was going to be

Here’s what you need to know:

‘Ladies of London’ Star Caroline Stanbury Could Be Joining the Cast

You may remember this semi-familiar face from the “Ladies of London,” a reality show that aired back in 2014. “A born and bred Londoner, Caroline grew up in the fashion capital and developed an eye for style from an early age. She started her career as a top personal stylist and has amassed a collection of contacts around the world, from small scale artisans and craftsmen to fashion and interior designers,” her Bravo bio reads, in part.

In 2016, Bravo reported that Stanbury was moving to Dubai. The decision was made, in part, due to her now-ex-husband’s job. “We wanted to pick a place where we could travel less and be more with the family. The children are young enough to settle easily, and everyone is up for an adventure, frankly, I cannot wait for some sun,” Fleming said at the time.

Stanbury is no stranger to reality television, and has long been rumored to be joining a “Housewives” franchise. In fact, she has openly discussed moving back to The States, which could have seen her on “RHONY” or “RHOBH.”

“I definitely have my eye set on the States. That’s my — that’s my goal. I’ve got friends in New York and Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills probably is more of a relaxed atmosphere for me, at least. I love it. I’ve got a lot of friends in L.A., you know? But you never say never to New York either,” Stanbury previously said, according to Us Weekly.

Thus far, Stanbury has been the top rumored cast member for the new franchise.

There Are Several Other Women Who Could Join the Cast

Shortly after Cohen’s announcement on “Today,” rumors started circulating about the upcoming cast. According to an unverified “RHODubai” Twitter account, there are six women (including Stanbury) rumored to be on the first season of the show. They are Dr. Sara Al Madani, Lesa Milan, model Chanel Ayan, Fruit Cake founder Nina Ali, and real estate director Caroline Brooks.

Before it was even confirmed, Cosmopolitan had shared some options for a “Real Housewives of Dubai” cast. Some of the options included makeup artist and blogger Huda Kattan, former Miss World, Australia 2012, Jessica Kahawaty, actor Nadine Nassib Njeim, real estate developer Nadia Zaal, and TikTok star Karen Wazen.

It seems as though fans think that women who moved to Dubai from other countries will be cast, rather than women who are native to the country.

“I’m guessing this will have very few local women and mainly people who moved there from other countries,” wrote one Redditor in a thread about the new series.

“So are there actual Dubai wives or is this just..past people being in Dubai?” wondered another.

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