‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ Star Unrecognizable To Fans in 1st Photo Appearance in Months


Heavy/NBCUniversal The cast of "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City."

Heather Gay has changed her appearance since delivering her iconic “Receipts! Proof! Timeline! Screenshots!” speech while filming “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” finale in 2023.

Gay has not posted a photo of herself on Instagram since the RHOSLC finale aired in January 2024, so it’s been a while since fans have seen her. But in April 2024, fans did a double take when a season 5 filming photo surfaced online and Gay appeared to be noticeably thinner in the face.

The main cast for RHOSLC includes Gay, Lisa Barlow, Meredith Marks, Whitney Rose, and Angie Katsanevas.

Here’s what you need to know:

RHOSLC Fans Did Not Recognize Heather Gay in a Photo From a Cast Trip to Mexico

In April 2024, Gay, 49, and her co-stars filmed during a cast trip in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, according to Page Six. On April 24, 2024, a RHOSLC fan posted a photo to X of Gay and Rose on their Delta flight for the trip. Gay wore a baseball cap and made a peace sign with her fingers as she smiled at the onlooker. Rose was seated beside her and also made a peace sign.

Fans reacted as the photo surfaced on various social media platforms.

Several commenters on Instagram insisted, “That’s not Heather!”

“Uhmmmm that’s Heather Gay ??!!!” another asked. “Omg is that supposed to be Heather??” another asked.

“I didn’t even recognize Heather!” another commenter agreed. “Looked too hard at this photo to find Heather,”  wrote another.

Some commenters even argued that it was not Gay in the photo. Others were worried about the amount of weight Gay appears to have lost. “Is Heather ok???? Omg,” one commenter asked.

And others felt the RHOSLC OG was in a lose-lose situation.

“I don’t think Heather is ever going to be able to win in this scenario,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “She spent 4 seasons receiving crazy comments about her appearance from not only fans, but even her own cast mates and now that she’s decided to do something about it and… people are going to be on her…”

Another Redditor wrote, “Good for her. Her weight bothered her, and she did something about it. People picking apart her looks and body should be ashamed.”

Heather Gay Admitted She’s On the Ozempic Train

Heather Gay

NBCUMVHeather Gay from RHOSLC.

During the first four seasons of RHOSLC, Gay displayed a body-positive image. In 2023, after her co-star Mary Cosby appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” and inferred that Gay was too plus-sized to wear a Gucci corset top, Gay captioned an Instagram selfie with a nod to the Italian fashion house. “Thank you @gucci for being so inclusive. ❤️,” she wrote at the time.

But not long after that, Gay began losing weight. While some Real Housewives stars play coy, in November 2023, Gay told People magazine she turned to prescription weight loss drugs to shed pounds. The RHOSLC star admitted to the outlet that she was “on the Ozempic train” and had been for a long time.” She also noted that “when you lose five pounds, people are nicer to you.”

After losing more weight, Gay spoke out on ABC News’ “Impact x Nightline”  and further admitted that her past body-positive image was all a “lie.”

Gay revealed that she felt “pressure” prior to use weight loss drugs as everyone around her began to get thinner. The Beauty Lab + Laser founder also explained that she has finally accepted that she is “someone that needs medical intervention to maintain a weight that feels healthy and positive.”

“I’ve sold out,” the RHOSLC star admitted in March 2024. “I’ve given up the banner of you know, accept yourself. And it’s disappointing and sad to know that body positivity was all a big lie. Because it is better not to be overweight.”

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