Kelly Dodd Calls Lisa Vanderpump a ‘Liar’ on Social Media

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Kelly Dodd, of “Real Housewives of Orange County” fame, has some choice words for Bravo star Lisa Vanderpump. 

Kelly Dodd Tweeted About Lisa Vanderpump on November 14

On November 14, Dodd posted a TV Show Ace article with the headline “Lisa Vs. Kelly?! ‘Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip’ Season 3 Cast Rumors” on Twitter. Instead of commenting on the possibility that she has joined the cast of “RHUGT,” she shared her feelings about Vanderpump. 

“I don’t like Vanderpump,” asserted the television personality. 

Dodd also answered a commenter, who wanted to know if she “actually like[s]” anyone.

“Actually, I get along with everyone . @LisaVanderpump lied about me dining and dashing on her failed @enews show… liar I had the receipts [receipt emoji] to prove it !” asserted the reality television star. 

Us Weekly reported that Dodd made her issues with Vanderpump known on Twitter eight months ago. According to the publication, on Vanderpump’s E! Series “Overserved,” the former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star accused Dodd of dining at one of her West Hollywood establishments, “Pump without paying.”

Dodd refuted the allegations with several tweets, which have been removed from the social media platform. The mother-of-one explained that she went to Pump with her former “RHOC” co-star Vicki Gunvalson. 

“THIS IS A LIE. A) It was 6yrs ago. B) I was a guest of [Vicki Gunvalson] & her friends. C) I paid my share & have the receipt. It was the others who didn’t pay! No wonder Villa Blanca went under. #RevisionistHistory,” read the tweet, posted on March 27, 2021. 

In a different March 27 Twitter post, which has also been removed, Dodd wrote, “Oh & by the way @LisaVanderpump your food sucks & so does your service.” Us Weekly reported that the Bravo star uploaded a snap that showed “her receipt” from Pump. Vanderpump replied to Dodd’s tweets on March 27, 2021. 

“Gosh of course I was told there was a problem and you didn’t pay, I was away but of course whatever you say,… I apologize if there was such a fiasco and apologize on behalf of all my staff. Would love to host you,” tweeted Vanderpump. 

Dodd replied to Vanderpump, by writing, “Thanks for your apology. I’m just confused why you’d say I was banned when in fact I was the subject of false and defamatory allegations and cleared this up five years ago. I’d appreciate a post on your feeds to clear this up.”

Kelly Dodd Shared Insider Information About ‘RHOC’ in October 2021

Kelly Dodd will not be featured in the upcoming 16th season of “Real Housewives of Orange County.” In an October 2021 interview with Us Weekly, the reality television star revealed some insider information about the Bravo show. She claimed that the producers would encourage the “RHOC” cast to drink during the show’s production. 

“They would feed it to you. You might as well had it on an IV. Because it was — I mean do as much shots as you can. Let’s get you hammered… Always encouraging more drinking, had every kind of alcohol, zero expense. If I wanted like 1942 or, you know, if I wanted the most expensive alcohol, Dom Perignon, I mean anything, they would give it to you,” said the mother-of-one. 

She also explained that “RHOC” is edited. 

“They edit you. I mean let’s just be honest. I mean Shannon [Beador] and I always say how come they don’t edit Gina Kirschenheiter? Like they make her look like gold. Like I looked like crap my whole years. Like she’s boring and they make her look good,” said Dodd.   

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