Kyle Richards Hints at Changes to Living Situation With Mauricio Umansky

Kyle Richards

Heavy/NBCUniversal Kyle Richards.

Kyle Richards appears to be spending less and less time with Mauricio Umansky at home. Nine months after the longtime couple confirmed their separation, Richards gave fans an update on how they are handling their split.

In July 2023, an insider told People magazine that Richards and Umansky had been separated “for a while” but were still living under the same roof. The longtime couple still vacationed together last summer and sent the holidays together last fall.

But in her latest update, Richards noted that she spent Easter Sunday at home with her daughters—and without their father. She also dropped a hint that she won’t be the one moving out of the family’s Encino house.

Kyle Richards Has No Plan to Move Anytime Soon

Umansky house

PeacockUmansky house.

Richards answered fan questions during an Amazon Live on April 2, 2024, with her daughter Alexia. During the chat, she told fans she spent Easter cooking at home with her daughters, family friends, and Alexia’s boyfriend  Jake Zingerman. “We had a really nice Easter,” Richards said. “It was my girls and me and sort of, my other ‘daughters.’ …So I cooked for them, we watched movies and it was really nice, actually. A very chill Easter.”

Richards was raised Catholic but converted to Judaism when she married Umansky, she told The Daily Dish in 2016. Her eldest daughter Farrah did not convert to the new religion.

Richards did not clarify where Umansky spent the day. Based on his Instagram story, The Agency founder appeared to be in Aspen over the weekend.

Richards also confirmed she is still living in the Encino, California home she bought with he husband in 2018. “I’m still in my house. I have too many dogs to go anywhere else. I’m still here,” she told fans.

And it doesn’t sound like she plans to leave the home anytime soon. During her Live, Richards said she is “working on the upstairs of the house.” “I want to do a whole wall of just different art. Different things, different size frames and all that,” she said of her decor plans.

During the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 13 reunion that taped in late January, Richards revealed there had been conversations about Umansky moving out of their home. In March, she told the “Drew Barrymore Show,” that living with Umansky under one roof was “working for now” but it “can’t stay like that forever.”

Speaking with TMZ on March 18, 2024, Umansky said he and Richards were still talking about him moving out. “We’re in the middle of that conversation,” he said.

Kyle Richards Said She Stopped Going to Therapy

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky.

PeacockKyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky.

Richards shared another update that hints that she could be inching closer to filing for divorce. She answered a Livestream follower who asked if she was still going to marriage counseling with Umansky. “We haven’t been in therapy in a while, to be honest,” Richards replied. “We’re just taking a break from that, but we get along very well and we’re really good friends.”

In an RHOBH season 13 episode “Diamonds in the Rough,” shot before the separation announcement, Richards said she felt it was “important” to do couples therapy due to the communication issues in her marriage.

She wasn’t thrilled when Umansky described the therapy sessions as “fun.” In November 2023,  a source told TMZ that Richards and Umansky were not doing couples therapy but were doing “individual” therapy sessions on their own.

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