Lisa Barlow Says She Was Banned From a Tanning Salon

Lisa Barlow

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The customer may not always be right.

“The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Lisa Barlow went to get a facial with Meredith Marks in a September 27 sneak peek of the upcoming October 3 episode of the series. While there the two begin comparing spray tans, which leads Barlow to share the story of how she was banned from one of her favorite tanning salons in Park City.

“The girl wouldn’t let me tan,” Barlow revealed, “I went in and I was like ‘Hey I have an event tomorrow, I need to tan.’ They were closing in 30 minutes, so I was like ‘Let me tan,’ and it escalated until I was like ‘Let me f***ing tan!’ And then she’s like ‘You need to leave’ and then I got an email from corporate that said, ‘We appreciate your eight years of patronage, but we’re canceling your membership.'”

Not only that, but Lisa also shared that her husband, John Barlow, had to get involved, as he was also a member at the same tanning spot, adding “John’s like, ‘Oh my gosh I have to call and cancel mine too now.'”

See the sneak peek below.

Fans React to Lisa Barlow’s Tanning Salon Behavior

RHOSLC fans flocked to the comment section of Bravo’s YouTube page to share their thoughts about Barlow’s tanning salon story, as well as the fact that she and Marks are on good terms now after being on the outs in season three after Barlow’s infamous hot mic moment at the end of season two.

“Lisa Barlow was made for housewives. She’s everything we want to see in a character: polarizing, rich, unintentionally funny, shady and petty. So happy her and Mer are rekindling things. Their friendship just works so naturally,” one user wrote.

“So essentially Lisa admitted to going full on Karen and the establishment was like ‘take that elsewhere’,” another fan added.

“So, the past two episodes have solidified Lisa’s character arc as an overly pampered 1 percenter with wild entitlement issues and a short fuse…CHECK! Tbh, we kinda already knew that, but thanks Bravo!” a third user wrote.

“Monica is right about being tone deaf. But being tone deaf does not warrant someone getting verbally attacked based on your projected insecurities of them. She owes Lisa an apology,” a fourth fan wrote, referencing the September 26 episode where new cast member Monica Garcia felt Barlow was being tone-deaf for complaining after losing a $60,000 ring in the Palm Springs airport and later not wanting to participate in Whitney Rose’s drag makeup activity because she had already paid to have her makeup artist join them in Palm Springs (among other reasons).

Lisa Barlow Replaced Her Lost $60,000 Ring

Barlow gave an update on the missing ring in a couple of social media posts from September 2023. On September 19, after one fan asked if Barlow ever replaced the expensive ring, the self-proclaimed Queen of Sundance responded, tweeting out, “Yes. It’s not the same because it was special from JB. I was so worried he was going to be upset. 💕 💕”

Barlow threw some shade towards Garcia in another tweet from the next day, writing, “I hope everyone is having an amazing day …. with exclusion to the f***ers who think I overreacted to loosing my ring less than 8 hours prior to that amazing dinner at Cary Grants estate. ♥️”

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