Fans Rip Meghan King After She Says She’s ‘Trapped’ With Kids

Meghan King

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Meghan King was recently ripped by Bravo fans after she opened up on social media that her kids were all diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease, prompting the cancelation of their planned trip to Disneyland.

The former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star posted a video of herself with her daughter Aspen, 5, and twin sons Hart and Hayes, 4, on Instagram and wrote, “Long story short, my kids got Hand Foot and Mouth Disease and we had to cancel our Disneyland trip. These photos were taken (at The Zoo!!!) moments before I realized they were infected (90% of adults are immune) by the highly contagious virus.”

King went into more detail about her children’s diagnosis on her blog, saying that Aspen first told her about “dots” on her skin that were itchy and hurt. She said she thought they were mosquito bites but after researching it online, she said she came across a page on hand, foot and mouth disease, which is a “mild, contagious viral infection common in young children [and] is characterized by sores in the mouth and a rash on the hands and feet,” according to the Mayo Clinic.

She wrote that a visit to the pediatrician the next morning confirmed that all three of her kids were infected with the virus and concluded, “Disneyland is cancelled.”

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King Wrote That She Was ‘Trapped’ With Her Kids & Feeling PTSD From Quarantine

In her blog, King wrote that after their diagnosis, she was staying at home with her children. “I’m trapped with these poor babies,” she said. “Quarantine PTSD is coming back in full force.”

She wrote that her children “weren’t severely affected” and avoided some of the biggest symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease. “They didn’t have fevers, and other than being a little whiney they felt fine, ate fine, and acted normal,” she said. “Hart and Aspen had sores in their mouths, Aspen had red ‘dots’ all over her hands, Hart’s left foot and between his toes completely blistered but his right foot was fine, and Hayes had about 5 ‘dots’ in total.”

The former reality star said they were contagious for around 3 days so they canceled their planned trip to Disney. At the bottom of her blog post, King shared several progress photos of her children.

King Was Recently Slammed By Her Children’s Father for Posting About Her Son’s Struggles & Fans Also Criticized This Update

King was recently blasted by her ex-husband Jim Edmonds, the father of her children, for sharing some of her son’s struggles on Instagram. The former Bravo star posted on Instagram and asked her followers for advice on potty training her son, Hart, who was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia in 2019. In October 2020, King posted on her website that Hart was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

After posting the video asking for advice, Edmonds told TMZ via his rep, “Jim wishes Meghan would respect their children’s privacy and stop putting their son and his challenges in the spotlight,” adding that King was doing it “to get attention for herself.” He also said, “If Meghan wants to improve her ability to co-parent with Jim, it might be a good idea for her to stop constantly disparaging him.”

King was also criticized by fans for posting about her children’s recent diagnosis on social media. Someone wrote on a Reddit thread, “She is always complaining about something. Being ‘trapped’ indoors with your kids when they are sick is a part of motherhood.” Another wrote, “Ugh, I’ve really tried to like Meghan. But she complains nonstop about her kids. Being a mom is hard work, I get that. But she doesn’t need to share every single detail of their lives online.” Another said, “She is so self absorbed,” while someone else wrote, “Hahah a lot of kids get it. Kids get all kinds of s***, so buckle up, princess!”

A few people called out King’s use of the term PTSD, while one person wrote, “Didn’t she say she was going to be more private (aka stop posting her whole entire life)? When is that happening?” King, 37, recently told Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave on the “Two Ts in a Pod” podcast that she would no longer be posting details of her dating life on Instagram. “After my whirlwind marriage and annulment, I told myself, ‘I’m done putting people in the public eye, putting people on my Instagram,'” she said. “I’m done with that.”

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