Melissa Gorga Shuts Down Rumors That She’s Selling Homes Because She’s Broke

Melissa Gorga

Bravo Melissa Gorga of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Melissa Gorga spoke out about rumors about why she and her husband Joe Gorga are selling off their homes.

In an Instagram Live with “RHONJ Obsessed,” the veteran “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star clapped back at the online buzz that she and her husband recently put three houses on the market because they are broke.

Earlier this month, The New York Post reported that the Gorgas listed three New Jersey homes they owned after “downgrading” to a $950,000 property in Franklin Lakes.

“Regarding the rumors, let me just clear this up right now,” Melissa Gorga told “RHONJ Obsessed.” “It’s so crazy! You’d think after people knowing us for so many years, they would know that Joe and I do this for a living.”

Gorga explained that as professional house flippers, she and her husband are constantly buying and selling properties.

“Like, we buy homes that the other people probably look at and say, ‘This is a dump. I’d never buy that,'” she explained. “We pretty much knock them down, and then we build something much nicer. So when people say, ‘They’re selling everything, they’re broke,’ I’m like, what is wrong with everyone? Why does it automatically have to go to a negative?… Why can’t it be that we’re trying to move on up, actually?”

The Gorgas Sold Their Iconic Montville, NJ Mansion in December 2020

Late last year, the Gorgas sold their 9,100 square-foot Montville, New Jersey home for $2.5 million, which was one million less than it was originally listed for, according to People.

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” fans were very familiar with the house that was regularly featured on the Bravo reality show. The famous family lived in the home for 12 years.

“My family and I have so many amazing memories in this house,” Gorga told the outlet last fall. “Joe and I built and designed it from the ground up. However, we decided it was time for a change and we’re excited to see where life brings us next.”

The couple also listed two Tom’s River, New Jersey homes for sale. But in the new interview, the ‘Real Housewives” star teased she may not be ready to let one of her shore houses go.

“It’s a very hot topic in this house to be honest with you because it’s kind of a sore subject right now,” Gorga told “RHONJ Obsessed.” “I’ll tell you it will be to be continued I guess. I don’t know that it’s gonna happen because I already have two full offers within one day on the house, and I believe I’m getting cold feet. …I don’t know that I’m even going to accept it.”

The Gorgas Have Plans to Move to the Hamptons

In July 2021, Melissa and Joe teased a new construction project in their works for their future new house in New Jersey.

In addition, even if they let go of their Jersey shore properties, the Gorgas will be near a beach in the summertime. A representative for the couple told Bravo TV that the Gorgas also have plans to buy a property in an expensive part of New York.

“They are looking to buy in the Hamptons,” the rep said. “They have spent summers down the [Jersey] shore since they were married and are looking to change it up.”

The rep told the NY Post something similar.

“Melissa and Joe have had a shore home since they were married and are ready to make a move,” the rep said.  “They are currently looking at property in the Hamptons and are planning to spend their summers there in the future.”

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