EXCLUSIVE: Catching up With Melissa Gorga & Her Summer Beauty Routine

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Melissa Gorga is getting real about skin. “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star is opening up about her summer beauty routine and her go-to products.

Gorga is partnering again with Bikini Zone and her favorite product, the Bikini Zone Anti-Bump Shave Gel. She shared, “It’s summer time, which means bikini time, which means it’s time to shave. So if you get redness and irritation when you shave (I know so many of you do), Bikini Zone is literally the only product on the market that works for that. It’s so embarrassing getting the little red bumps, and it’s hurtful and irritating. If you haven’t checked out Bikini Zone Shave Gel yet, you need to – it works for me, it works for Antonia, my sisters, I literally have everyone hooked on it. If you are suffering that way you definitely have to check it out.”

The entrepreneur told Heavy, “It’s the best one I’ve ever tried. It’s truly the only one that has worked with the irritation and the redness, so I vouch for it…The truth is it’s affordable and a really great product.”

As for the rest of her summer beauty routine, Gorga says she keeps it simple. “I do everything minimal in the summer,” Gorga shared with Heavy. “I would say it’s the time where I take everything down a notch especially the makeup…Anything with tinted moisturizer with a little SPF in it is the way that I go.”

She added, “As far as face makeup, it’s literally maybe a light bronzey eyeliner and mascara and a tiny bit of bronzer, but that’s as glam as I want to get in the summer.”

Gorga Dished on Her Summer in the Jersey Shore

As RHONJ fans know, the Gorga family beach home in the Jersey Shore is a summer staple. The family has spent the summer soaking up the sun together.

“These four weeks are really the core of summer where we really get to enjoy it, and we’re filming right now for the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey,’ so I’m working through it all,” Gorga teased Heavy. “I’m trying to just be heavy into enjoying this house and enjoying being on the shore and getting the beach and summertime in.”

She added that while they are enjoying as much family time as possible, she and her hubby Joe Gorga still, “work 24/7.” But the weekends are reserved for family time where they, “just want to sit around with the kids and enjoy the pool.”

Once the summer is over, the Gorgas are getting back to life as usual. “Starting September, we’re all very busy and our lives get crazy,” she told Heavy. “We’re a busy household and whenever we can sit around for a couple of weeks together, I always take that in.”

Gorga Talked About Everything Envy

More than five years ago, Gorga opened the doors to her boutique, Envy. She’s thankful to share that Envy is still going strong and doing better than ever. “Having Envy has been such a huge part of my life and just making me the woman I am right now, just having my own thing while still being a mom and still being able to hold down the fort and film a reality show but really run that business on my own.”

She added. “I truly run the show over there, and I really think it gave me a huge piece of who I am today, and a huge piece of my independence that I needed as a wife and a mom.”

As for the future of Envy, Gorga happily reported that it’s, “only going up.” She said, “I’m always looking to expand. If anything, I’d like to start doing a couple pop-up shops, and I’d love to possibly open up another location maybe on Long Island or something, so I’m always looking, I’m always trying to find the right opportunity … It’s not going anywhere anytime soon and we’re only going up.

She told Heavy that while, “it’s not easy,” she’s thankful for its success.

“I cannot be grateful enough,” she shared with Heavy. “It really has been so great, so I’m so grateful for all of that..It’s really special and I’m so grateful for it, and it’s been beyond amazing.”

Gorga’s promo for the Bikini Zone Shave Gel: Promo Code: 20BIKINI

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