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Melissa Gorga set the record straight about her future on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” on May 4 amid fans’ speculation that the 13th season might be her last after an apparently unreconcilable feud with Teresa Giudice.

“I’ve been reading a lot of things saying that I wanna leave the show or I’m no longer gonna be on the show,” Gorga shared in the May 4 episode of her podcast, “On Display.” “I just want everyone to know, I’m not leaving the show,” she shared.

She then added, “No, I have no intentions [of] leaving. I never run away when the going gets tough, that’s not my personality… Our family has been through ups and downs for so many years on this show, and I have never left before, and I have no intentions [of] leaving now.”

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Melissa Gorga Said the Season 13 Reunion Taping Was ‘Rough’

Gorga’s podcast guest was Ramona Singer, and she asked the RHONJ star how she and Giudice were doing now. “It’s been rough,” Gorga admitted. She said they’d just finished filming the season 13 reunion and it was “rough.”

In fact, host Andy Cohen discussed the taping on his radio show and said, “I gotta tell you the level, I won’t even say vitriol, I will just say hate, between Teresa and Melissa… I mean the gloves are off, I’ve never seen anything like it.” He added that neither woman wanted to give the other the final word in any argument. Cohen admitted that he got annoyed with Giudice at one point and “lost [his] s***” but later apologized.

A couple of the sisters-in-law’s co-stars have suggested that maybe the two women need to take a break from each other. Dolores Catania said that she didn’t think they were going to reach a resolution so it might be “time for them to really part ways.” Margaret Josephs felt the same and when she appeared on “Watch What Happens Live,” she said Giudice and Gorga “need a big pause from each other.”

Teresa Giudice Said She Wasn’t Planning on Leaving the Show Either Unless Bravo Wanted Her To

Giudice has also shared that it’s not her intention to leave the show that she helped launch 13 seasons ago. On her own podcast with co-host Melissa Pfeister, “Namaste B$tches,” Giudice said it wasn’t true that she would be stepping away from RHONJ after the current season.

She said the final call on what cast members get to stay on the show and which ones aren’t asked back is made by Bravo but she wasn’t planning on leaving. “I started the show so… I won’t leave until Bravo wants me to leave,” she shared.

Despite that, Giudice claimed that she didn’t enjoy doing the show as much now, ever since her brother Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa joined in season 3. She said she felt “ambushed” by it and it was very “traumatic.” The RHONJ OG added, “[The show] was something new for me, and it was like my job, and I was excited, and then all of a sudden I get bombarded and ambushed by my family. And it was very sad because I felt like my dream kind of got shattered.”

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