Meredith Marks Looks Unrecognizable on Old LinkedIn Profile

Meredith Marks

Getty Meredith Marks in 2021.

Fans stumbled across an old photo of “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Meredith Marks and had a field day ripping her apart for it.

Fans blasted Meredith for the unrecognizable photo in a Reddit thread with the caption, “Who is this real housewife?” The photo comes from a LinkedIn profile listing Meredith as “Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Meredith Marks LLC, award winning jewelry designer.”

Here’s everything you need to know:

Fans Blasted Meredith’s Old Photo With a ‘Large Forehead’ & Say They ‘Wouldn’t Have Recognized Her’

Many fans were unsure the photo shared in the Reddit thread was Meredith.

“is that Meredith?” someone wrote. “Haven’t looked at any responses, but I’m going to say Meredith Marks because whenever I say « who is that?? » it’s always been her somehow,” another fan wrote.

“She’s a chameleon. Wouldn’t have recognized her without the comments,” someone else wrote.

“It’s Meredith Marks linkedin picture. It doesn’t look nothing like her now,” someone wrote.

Other fans noticed her resemblance to other celebrities.

“Why did I think this was an old head shot of Sigourney Weaver,” someone wrote. “She looks soooo much like Leslie Mann here,” another wrote.

Lots of fans commented on the large size of her forehead.

“This is why she wears those awful wigs? The 5 head?” someone wrote.

“Im genuinely curious as to how you can change the size of your forehead,” a fan wrote. “I still think she has a large forehead, I think she styles her hair better for it these days BUT she looks like a who different person,” someone else commented.

“Wow she must have had a crazy brow lift,” someone wrote. “you can see her mouth is slightly off even in this photo from way back when,” someone else said.

Meredith Says She Has Considered Quitting ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’

During a Twitter Q & A on January 24, 2022, Meredith admitted she should probably quit “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.”

After a fan asked her why she was still on a show she seems to not enjoy being on, she replied.

“Good question. I should quit since most of the women enjoy spreading lies about me and my family. Not a problem,” she wrote.

In the second season of the show, Meredith has been accused of helping the FBI in their investigation of Jen Shah, faking her fathers funeral and many other things.

Jen Shah Accused Meredith Marks of Having ‘10 Boyfriends’

‘RHOSLC’ recap: Jen Shah accuses Meredith Marks of having ‘10 boyfriends’ | Page Six Celebrity NewsAnother Shah-cking showdown. Sunday night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” saw Jen Shah and Meredith Marks go head to head in an explosive fight, with the former Bravo star accusing the latter of having “10 boyfriends.” “You’re f—king fraudulent … you’ve lived 10 lives!” Shah, 48, screamed at Marks, 50, as…2022-01-18T15:28:06Z

Season 2 featured a blowout fight between Jen Shah and Meredith where accusations were flying.

“You’re f—king fraudulent … you’ve lived 10 lives!” Jen told Meredith as she was walking away.

“Who’s calling who a fraud? Love you, baby. Bye!” Meredith shouted back.

“Ask your 10 motherf—king boyfriends!” Shah replied back after Meredith had left.

The fight stemmed from Meredith being accused of hiring a private investigator to get the scoop on Shah, who was arrested and charged with fraud last year.

“I swear to God, if you have anything to do with the bulls—t charges against me, Meredith, you’re f—king disgusting!” she shouted at Meredith earlier in the evening. “Disgusting! You’re disgusting!”

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