Kyle Richards’ Daughter Portia Umansky Celebrates Sweet 16 Birthday

Portia Umansky and Kyle Richards

Heavy/Getty/NBCUniversal Portia Umansky and Kyle Richards.

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky celebrated their daughter Portia’s Sweet 16 birthday together.

On March 1, 2024,  “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” daughter marked her milestone birthday. But the night before, she had her estranged parents by her side as they celebrated as a family. Richards and Umansky have been separated since July 2023.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Umansky Family Celebrated at a Venue in Bel-Air

On March 1, Page Six posted photos of the Umansky family celebrating Portia’s 16th birthday at a restaurant in Bel Air, California. The birthday girl wore a black mini skirt, boots, and a gold “Happy Birthday” headband. Both Richards and Umansky were also photographed at the scene, with Umansky seen carrying a gift box.

In an Instagram story, Alexia Umansky posted a clip of her sister Portia with a huge birthday cake in front of her. The vanilla frosted cake said “Happy Sweet 16 Portia” in orange lettering and was topped with sparklers.

Portia also received a sweet birthday message from her grandmother, Dr. Estella Sneider. Mauricio Umansky’s mother posted a slideshow of photos of Portia with a sweet caption. “Happy Birthday 🎁 Portia! I cherish the unforgettable moments we’ve shared. I’m immensely proud of the remarkable young woman you’ve become, embodying exceptional moral values. May you enjoy good health and pursue your dreams till 120. My love ❤️ and best wishes to you always 💕, Bobe Estella 🥰.”

Kyle Richards Can’t Believe How Fast Portia Grew Up


Portia’s 16th birthday fell on a Leap Year, and so did the year she was born. During an Amazon Live on February 29, 2024, Richards told fans she actually went into labor with Portia on Leap Day 2008. “Tomorrow, you guys, is Portia’s 16th birthday,” Richards told her livestream followers, “Oh my gosh, I cannot believe she’s 16.”

“And today’s Leap Year, and I went into labor on Leap Year,” she added. “It was a Leap Year when I went into labor with her and I was like, ‘Please. I don’t want her to be born on Leap Year. I really don’t.’  So I literally held it together until after midnight because I was like, please no. Because it’s just hard. In one way, it’s cool because it would be a special birthday but in another way it’s like, then you have to pick when is my actual birthday?”

Portia was just 2 years old when Richards started on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” In a scene from a 2012 episode of the Bravo reality show, the toddler even invited Lisa Vanderpump to her 4th birthday party. “Hello dahling!” little Portia said, before instructing Vanderpump to arrive at one o’clock.

Fans have watched Portia grow from an adorable toddler to a teen of driving age. In February 2024, Richards told The Daily Dish she’s stressed that Portia is driving now.

“She’s extremely responsible, and she’s doing great driving, [but] no matter what happens, it’s really scary,” Richards said. “Next year, she’ll be applying to colleges, which is really, really weird to think about. When we started the show, she was in a crib and diapers. Now, she drives, and [she] is applying to colleges.”

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