Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umansky’s Daughters Break Down in Tears Over Their Split

Kyle Richards' daughters

Heavy/Netflix Alexia Umansky. Sophia Umansky, Farrah Aldjufrie

Mauricio Umansky shot a heartbreaking scene with his daughters for their reality show “Buying Beverly Hills.”

In the season 2 trailer for the Netflix real estate series, Umansky discussed his separation from his wife Kyle Richards with their daughters Farrah, Alexia, and Sophia. The estranged couple’s youngest daughter Portia, 15, was not in the scene.

Umansky and Richards announced their split in July 2023 after 27 years of marriage, People magazine reported at the time.  Richards and Umansky married in 1996 and share daughters Alexia, 27, Sophia, 24, and Portia, 15, as well as Farrah, 35, who is Richards’ daughter from her marriage to Guraish Aldjufrie.

Mauricio Umansky Said Kyle Approached Him About the Separation


In the “Buying Beverly Hills” scene, Umansky and his three eldest daughters sit outside of their Encino, California home. “I had an amazing 26 years with your mom, and I wanted to do everything possible to just save it,” Umansky says in the scene. “Your mom came and she talked to me and said, ‘I think I need space.'”

Umansky also clarifies that it was Richards who made the “rules” for the split. “She said to me, ‘Listen, the rules are, you go out, you date, you do whatever it is you want to do. I’m not going to be asking you what you’re doing, I don’t want you to be asking me what I’m doing. We are separated,'” he says, as the camera pans to his daughters wiping tears from their eyes.

Daughter Alexia says, “This is new terrain.”

“Our life has just changed so much,” Sophia Umansky says through tears.

Her half-sister Farrah adds, “I definitely could not have predicted where my life was going to be one year ago. In all aspects.”

Sophia also notes that the issues between her parents only came up in recent months. “We only even found out there were any issues like just a few months ago, and now it’s like, things have changed so quickly,” she cries.

After Alexia says, “I’m sorry that you’re going through this, I’m sorry for you guys, I’m sorry for you,” her father says, “Me too. For all of us.”

Fans reacted to the raw scene on social media.

“This is so heartbreaking ❤️‍🩹,” one commenter wrote on Instagram.

“My heart breaks for them all. ❤️,” another agreed.

“So sad for the girls. It doesn’t matter how old they are. When your parents split up after so many years together, it hurts deeply,” another wrote.

The Family Also Filmed a Tearful Scene for  ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’

rhobh season 13 trailer

Heavy/BravoPortia Umansky and Kyle Richards.

The “Buying Beverly Hills” trailer dropped just one day before the season 13 finale for  “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” featured a similar scene.

In the RHOBH trailer released by Bravo, Richards breaks down as she sits with her daughters for a tearful family meeting. “We are a very strong family, and we always will be. Nothing can change that,” Richards says as her daughters cry.

The scene is from the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 13 finale, titled “Soirees and Separation.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Richards confides in co-star Erika Jayne about her separation. In the scene, Richards says her split from Umansky is a “letdown.” “It’s not a letdown. For whom?” Jayne asks her.

“You have to make yourself happy,” Jayne tells Richards. “You’ve raised these girls. You’ve been a good wife to this man, you’ve been a great sister, a great daughter, but if you’re not happy inside – whatever that means for you — you must take that time and find out what you need, and where you need to go with this life.”

Richards previously told fans on Amazon Live that her daughters are handling the separation as well as can be expected. “You know they’re really strong,” Richards said of her girls. “Listen, they know that we all love each other and they’re old enough to understand that not everything is perfect all of the time, and that’s OK, and no matter what, they’re loved.”

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