LOOK: Fans React to ‘Iconic’ RHONJ Moment in ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 Finale

Emily in Paris

Netflix Emily in Paris season 2 still.

Bravo fans were tickled by the homage to an iconic “Real Housewives of New Jersey” moment featured in Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” season finale.

Eagle-eyed fans of RHONJ spotted a nod to the show during episode 10 of “Emily in Paris” season 2. The scene, which can be watched here, shows a potential marketing client of Emily’s firm throwing a tantrum on the news. The man, a famous fashion designer in Paris, flips a table and yells “Don’t tell me to pay attention, I’ve put together thousands of these shows. How many fashion shows have you produced? This is not good enough. 19 times? 19 times!”

This is obviously a spoof of Teresa Giudice’s table-flip from the season finale of RHONJ, season 1. That moment can be seen here.

In that scene, Teresa is mad at Danielle Staub who has just told her to “pay attention” and that sets her off.

“I am paying attention,” Teresa yelled. “Obviously there has to be something else. It’s not just name change and arrested. There has to be something else. Prostitution whore, you were f***ing engaged 19 times.”

And then Teresa flipped the table.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Fans Absolutely Loved the Nod to the ‘Truly Iconic’ RHONJ Moment by ‘Queen’ Teresa Giudice

Emily in Paris recreating a scene from RHONJ is iconic, it’s truly iconic,” someone tweeted.

“The #RHONJ reference in Emily in Paris is fantastic i love it,” another fan tweeted.

“I had no idea it would go there but when it did… huge smile on my face while saying…well damn that’s amazing,” someone replied on the Reddit thread. “Died watching this,” another fan wrote.

“Omg is there a RHONJ fan in the Emily In Paris writers room?! The nineteen times table flip was,” someone wrote with a chef’s kiss GIF.

“There’s a scene on Emily in Paris clearly inspired by the famous table flip of @Teresa_Giudice,” someone tweeted. “She truly is the queen.”

“the RHONJ reference in Emily in Paris I DIEEDDDD,” another fan tweeted.

“Died laughing as its perfect,” someone said in a Reddit thread.

This Isn’t the First Reference to Real Housewives & the Bravo Network in ‘Emily in Paris’

Fans caught on to several Bravo/Real Housewives-related nuggets throughout “Emily in Paris” including wardrobe and catchphrases.

“THEY SAID HONKY DORY IN EMILY IN PARIS #RHOBH and apparently the finale is inspired by #RHONJ Eyes I see they’re @BravoTV fans huh,” another fan tweeted in reference to Kathy Hilton’s hilarious moment asking who Honky Dory is.

Another fan spotted that Emily was wearing the same dress as Whitney Rose did, as seen above.

Later in the “Emily in Paris” season finale Emily is seen trying to convince the designer to let her firm represent him and his upcoming show.

“I don’t need you,” the designer says. “The show is premiering at Versailles and it’s going to be major.”

“No one is talking about your collection,” Emily replied back before dropping another Bravo plug. “They’re too busy lip-synching to your meltdown on TikTok, which would be fine if you’re a Bravo villain but you’re a legitimate artist.”

There’s no real indication who it might be in the production that’s placing these Bravo Easter eggs throughout the Netflix show, but fans are excited to spot them, nevertheless.

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