RHONJ Star Says Teresa Giudice Believes ‘Different Rules Apply to Her’

Teresa Giudice

Bravo Teresa Giudice.

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Jackie Goldschneider shared her thoughts about her co-star Teresa Giudice while speaking to Entertainment Tonight in March 2022.

In the show’s twelfth season, which premiered in February 2022, fans have been getting an in-depth look at Teresa Giudice’s relationship with her fiance, Luis “Louie” Ruelas. In season 12, episode 4, Teresa planned on having a party at Jennifer Aydin’s beach house. However, the mother of four feared that her co-stars were speaking negatively about Ruelas, as they were aware of a video that showed him begging an unidentified woman while on a beach. Teresa ended up storming out of Aydin’s home and had a few choice words for one of the show’s producers. 

“Louie did not sign up for this. To be antagonized, to be questioned, anything. I’m in the public eye. Not Louie,” asserted the 49-year-old during a confessional interview. 

During the interview with Entertainment Tonight, Goldschneider suggested that she did not appreciate Teresa’s behavior in season 12, episode 4. The reality television personality also referenced that Teresa accuses Margaret Josephs of “try[ing] to pop [her] love bubble” and eventually shoves plates of food at the 54-year-old later in season 12. Goldschneider asserted that she does not “think physical violence is ever warranted.”

“And to be honest with you, I have a real problem with — Teresa and I are obviously in a better place — but I have a whole problem with this, ‘Don’t talk about the love of my life’ thing, ‘He didn’t sign up for this…’ I’m sorry. Clearly he signed up for it, OK?” asserted the 45-year-old. 

The former lawyer referenced that Teresa claimed that her husband, Evan Goldschneider was unfaithful during “RHONJ” season 11.

“He signed up for it as much as my husband signed up for it. So if you can go around talking about my husband last year, spreading rumors about my husband talking about what he’s doing at the gym, talking about girlfriends he has, spreading these rumors all over the place when I have four little children and he’s got parents watching and siblings watching and he’s got the whole world watching, but nobody can utter a word about things that are actually on the internet about your boyfriend? Give me a break. It just annoys me. It really, really annoys me,” stated Jackie. 

She then shared she is frustrated that Teresa feels as though she does not need to address certain aspects of her life. She noted that while the 49-year-old “has carried this show for many, many years,” “RHONJ” is “an ensemble cast.”

“I think Teresa thinks that different rules apply to her and she has called herself — in an interview this season — she called herself ‘the GOAT’ [aka ‘the Greatest of All Time’], and I think that she thinks that when you question her, nobody can question her. And when she doesn’t want to answer something, it doesn’t get answered. So I think that she thinks that she plays by a different set of rules than the rest of us,” said Jackie. 

Gia Giudice Shared Her Opinion on Her Mother’s Relationship With Luis Ruelas

In “RHONJ” season 12, episode 6, Teresa’s eldest daughter, Gia, discussed her mother’s relationship with Ruelas. During a confessional interview, the 21-year-old suggested that she believed Teresa needed to take some time before fully committing to the cofounder of Digital Media Solutions. During a confessional interview, Gia shared that she felt that her “mom may be moving too fast.”

“In any relationship you’re gonna be in the honeymoon stage for the beginning. It’s very easy to only see the good when you’re in la la land,” explained the Rutgers University student. 

Teresa Giudice Spoke About Her Engagement in November 2021

During a November 2021 interview with Extra TV, Teresa, who finalized her divorce from her ex-husband Joe Giudice in 2019, discussed her engagement with Ruelas. She shared that he had informed her daughters that he was going to propose before he popped the question in October 2021. 

“My daughters knew, my daughters were involved in it,” said Teresa.  

She then asserted that her children “love Louie.”

“He’s so great to them. He really is, like I am so lucky to have him,” said the reality television personality. 

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