RHONY Star Says She Was Left ‘Speechless’ by Erin Lichy’s Husband’s Explicit Comment

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“Real Housewives of New York City” star Sai De Silva shared that a comment made by her castmate Erin Lichy’s husband, Abraham “Abe” Lichy took her by surprise during a September 2023 appearance on Page Six’s “Virtual Reality-Tea” podcast, alongside Ubah Hassan. She referenced that in the midseason trailer for RHONY season 14, De Silva, her husband, David Craig, and the Lichys discussed Jessel Taank’s struggle with being intimate with her husband, Pavit Randhawa, following the birth of their 2-year-old twins, Kai Singh Randhawa and Rio Singh Randhawa. When Erin Lichy asked her husband, “If your wife did not have sex with you for a year and half what would happen,” he replied, “I would f*** other women.” The mother of three seemed shocked by her husband’s candid remark, exclaiming, “Abe, oh my god.”

De Silva teased that fans will see her reaction to Abe Lichy’s remark in an upcoming episode of RHONY.

“I definitely was there. I was speechless. I was speechless to say the least. Stay tuned,” said De Silva.

Hassan also suggested she did not approve of Abe Lichy’s comment.

“I was like ‘Oh, this would not fly with me,'” said the model.

Jessel Taank Opened Up About Her Decision to Be Transparent About Her Relationship With Her Husband

Taank opened up about her decision to be transparent about her lack of intimacy with her husband in a July 2023 interview with Access Hollywood. She shared that she wanted to give an authentic representation of her life on RHONY season 14.

“I think one of those things was life postpartum, this will be revealed on the show, but I had a lot of trouble, like, conceiving and so that in itself was tough, and, like, life bouncing back was tough, listen, everyone goes through it and I wanted to share the realities of, like, what that actually means,” said Taank.

The fashion publicist clarified that she and her husband are “good” in their intimate life.

“It took a little time,” added Taank.

Erin Lichy Took Issue With Brynn Whitfield’s Comments to Her Husband

Abe Lichy and Erin Lichy celebrated their 10-year anniversary by hosting a vow renewal ceremony in RHONY season 14, episode 6. During the event, RHONY star Brynn Whitfield made flirtatious comments toward Abe Lichy and joked she would be available if he ended up getting a divorce. Erin Lichy confronted Whitfield about the remarks during RHONY season 14, episode 7.

The real estate agent spoke about the situation with Whitfield in a July 2023 interview with Us Weekly.

“Thinking back on it and the behavior, like, it’s just not something I would ever do. It’s just — I don’t think that — especially, thinking back on it was the time or place or the behavior that I find to be quite frankly, normal behavior,” said Erin Lichy.

Taank came to Whitfield’s defense in an August 2023 interview with Us Weekly. She stated that she did not believe Whitfield was being malicious when speaking to her co-star’s husband at their vow renewal ceremony. She also said she was under the impression that Abe Lichy enjoyed his conversation with the 36-year-old.

“[Whitfield is] very tongue-in-cheek and that’s why I get along so well with her, because we have such a laugh together. Like, she gets it,” said the 43-year-old. “And like, nothing ever taken for — Banter is like exactly what it is … I was standing right next to her at that moment, and Abe was laughing. If Abe was uncomfortable, I think I would’ve, like, maybe stepped in. Knowing Brynn, I know that she was 100 percent not serious.”

De Silva and Hassan also shared their thoughts about Whitfield’s remarks to Abe Lichy. While Hassan disapproved of her comments, De Silva shared she would have not had an issue with it if she were Erin Lichy.

“I would be okay, because my man is on lock,” explained the social media influencer.

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