Tamra Judge Accuses ‘Real Housewives’ Star of Being ‘In Denial’

Tamra Judge

Heavy/NBCUniversal Tamra Judge

Tamra Judge called out Teresa Giudice during the June 7 episode of her podcast with Teddi Mellencamp while the two Bravo stars were reacting to the second part of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” season 13 reunion.

At the reunion, Giudice said that she thought her brother and sister-in-law Joe and Melissa Gorga had been spending time with those who were responsible for Giudice going to prison years before. Melissa Gorga replied, “Teresa, we didn’t commit mortgage fraud — you did, dollface. Like, stop,” she said.

Host Andy Cohen also pointed out that Giudice was “married to the person who was responsible” for the couple’s indictment for fraud, in reference to Giudice’s now-ex-husband Joe Giudice. The RHONJ star, however, doubled down on her comments and said she “spoke to the FBI” and has “proof” about who turned the Giudices in.

On their podcast, Judge and Mellencamp addressed Giudice’s comments and Judge ripped the OG RHONJ star for being “still in denial.” She said, “It’s everybody’s fault she was put in [prison]. She wasn’t put in jail, she was put in prison,” she emphasized. “Federal prison. And I mean, sweetie, it was your husband. It wasn’t Melissa, it wasn’t Caroline [Manzo], it wasn’t Joey [Gorga], it was your husband. And you, you signed.”

“Here’s the thing,” Judge added. “Pay your effing taxes and you won’t have a red flag on your a**.”

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Tamra Judge Said Teresa Giudice Should Take Ownership of Her Actions & ‘Stop Blaming’ Others

During her breakdown of the reunion episode, Judge criticized Giudice’s response to the entire fraud conviction and said she should take accountability for her actions. “If that was me — which it would never be me — if it was, and it was brought up, I would take full ownership of it and say, ‘You’re right, I did something stupid, I signed papers I didn’t look at and I went to prison,'” Judge shared on her podcast.

“‘It was my husband’s fault, it was my fault, I was stupid not to read it,'” Judge continued. “End of story. Stop blaming people.” Mellencamp also brought up Giudice’s claim that the former couple spoke with the feds and that’s why they knew the Gorgas were involved and both co-hosts joked about it as they pointed out that the FBI would not reveal the identity of their informant.

“For the love of God, just stop,” Judge concluded. “Stop, Teresa. You did something wrong, you went to prison. End it right there. Take responsibility for your actions.”

Joe Giudice Claimed That Joe & Melissa Gorga Were ‘Involved’ in Informing the FBI as Well

Ahead of the second part of the RHONJ season 13 reunion, Giudice’s ex-husband Joe Giudice said he agreed with her that the Gorgas were involved in getting the Giudices behind bars almost 10 years prior. He claimed on the “Behind the Velvet Rope” podcast, “When they came on the show, they were very good friends with my ex-partner’s attorneys, which went to the feds, which I think Melissa and Joe were involved.”

Joe Giudice, who’s been living in the Bahamas since being deported from the U.S., said he maintains a friendship with an “ex-FBI guy” who told him “for a fact” about the Gorgas’ alleged involvement. According to the former RHONJ husband, the federal agent said the Gorgas were “behind the scenes” in getting the FBI alerted to the fraud case.

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